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Look what followed my hubby home!

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My husband and I have been spending a lot of time at shelters looking for a dog. I could have just bought a puppy but I don't want a puppy. Plus there are so many homeless pets that are in need of good homes. We looked for a long time and we finally found a good boy for our home! My husband stopped at the local shelter the other night and found a Boxer that had been brought in because owner had been abusing him and not feeding him correctly. He came home and told me about him. My first question was is he good with kids and cats? He says yes! So we talked about it more that night and we decided to try to adopt him. So my hubby left work early to go to the shelter the next day. I am sitting here waiting to here from him and nothing not even email. He has a pager that sends email. It is 8:00. The shelter closes at 6:00 15 minutes later he is home. He comes in and I here paws on the wood floor. I turn around and there is this big Boxer in my house. He is so nice and well mannered I could not believe it! I just can not see how someone could abuse him! He is house broken and knows sit, give my paw, and lay down. We still have to work on stay. He follows me around the house. I don't mind it is just so funny. He is 10 months old and his name is Caesar. Well here he is!
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What a sweety! How could someone not love that face!
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What a sweet face! He's lucky to have you.
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I think he is so cute! Thanks everyone! Here is one more of him.
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Has he met the cats yet? If so how did that go?
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He is gorgeous, and very lucky.

I don't understand how people can abuse their pets. Every time one of my cats is in my lap, looking up at me with so much love and trust, I think of how inconceivable it is that someone would hurt them.
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He has met the cats. He wants to play with them but I am afraid to let him off a leash until they get used to each other. He seems to just want to play with them. I hope that is what it is anyway. I am getting him a crate this weekend so I will work with him on that. They told me at the shelter to put him in the crate and let the cats walk around. I thought that was teasing him but they said he has to get used to them. They have be learn to live together in peace. I really do not think he will hurt them but I am not taking the chance. He has lived with cats before and was good with them so we will see. Right now the cats have run of the house at night and in the day get to sleep on my bed. I thought that was fair. They also get to come out after hubby gets home and he can sit there with Caesar on the leash and supervise. LOL I think it will be just fine once they get used to one another.
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What in gods name is wrong with people that could harm such a lovely creature as Ceasar. Good lcuk and he is so lucky to have found you!! Well I am also curious - how did the meeting with the cats go?
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What is wrong with people? It's just incomprehensible.

He looks so sweet - that really is just the right word for it!
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i have heard boxers are very good family dogs! he looks sweet.
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What a sweet face! I believe rescued dogs(and cats) understand that you've saved them and love you all the more for that.
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A happy ending. I love happy endings....Ceasar is oh soooooooo sweet! I know others have said it but he really is.

Badhabit, I agree, rescued animals seem to know when they've been saved. Both of my kittens were saved after I came across them in awful places.

Bengal've got to get piccies of the kitties with the doggie together........well try to when the time comes. I can hardly manage to get my two together and they're both feline. ^_^
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What a beautiful dog!! It is so sad that people can be so cruel... I hope he gets on with the cats well!! You will have your hands full!!!
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Boxers are lovely. The bark and slobber lots, but are the softest, soppiest dogs - not a bad bone in their bodies. Hubbs has Boxers as a child and still talks about them both with great fondness.

I's so gald you found Ceasar, sounds like he's in for love overload. And about time too.
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He has so much to offer...look at his eyes~

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He is a very special boy! Thanks everyone. We just love him so much. He is so good.
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He looks like a very good natured and loveable dog!!

This is only my opinion, but I think Boxers are so much cuter when people let them have longer ears.
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I have to agree I like his longer ears too! He is very loving but I have to work with him with the cats. So much for being good with cats.
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Ceasar is such a cute boxer! How's it going with the cats?
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Oh Ceasar is such a beauty!!! He looks like such a nice dog, too!!! I am so angry that someone has abused him!!! he is lucky to have found such a loving home with you all!!!!!
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Tigger he is getting better with the cats. I am so pleased about that. I really want them to get along.
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What a beautiful dog. I'm very glad to see that you have given him a wonderful loving home because he deserves it.
Hope things improve with the cats...I'm sure it will once they get used to each other.
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