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Beauty update

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Well B finally got a chance to talk with the vet. The doctor had been trying to call both of us...but err...that's laughable on my part.

Anyhoo, blood tests came back and she does have a small thyroid issue. So that explains her weightloss, increased appetite and thirst.

They tried to sell him pills, but he says that its a joke to try and feed Beauty pills...she just won't. So they're special ordering some cream or gel that we can rub on her.

She has a follow up appointment on the 24th to check out her arthritis. We're pretty sure she has it since she basically hugs the vents on the colder days.

Just thought I would let you all know!
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Glad you have an answer now. The gel/cream sounds great - I didn't know they could do that with thyroid medication. We just seem to have the tiny pills here.
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You must be happy about that. Although you've discovered a few issues they sound very managable, and it must be nice to know what's causing your kitty's distressing symptoms. I know I'd be really upset if my cats started eating more but weighing less, but it sounds like soon you'll have that well under control. Good luck! Let us know how she does on her cream thyroid treatment. It's great that you don't have to go through giving the little terror pills if she doesn't want to take them.
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The transdermal cream works really well for some cats. It is usually rubbed in the ear. Be sure you ask the vet about the best way to clean the ears, as otherwise the cream builds up over time and prevents the medicine from being absorbed. Also, use gloves, finger cots, or plastic wrap to cover your finger when you apply it, or you might end up absorbing it too!
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