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Back From the Vets Again

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Yesterday I'd made up my mind to have Lucy put to sleep. I am sure she reads my mind and she was a lot brighter last night and very purry with me. She drank some water on her own and looked interested in the food I'd put out for Snowy (he shares our bedroom too - her only feline friend). She tried to sniff it but with a blocked nose couldn't and walked away from it. She really looked like she wanted to eat it so I got a tin of Hi-Life Chicken and put a couple of teaspoons of it in another dish beside her. Some of it was gone this morning and I don't think it was Snowy because he would have eaten the lot.

Lucy may be very old but she's simply got the most amazing will to live in any cat, or human come to that, that I've ever seen. I have so much love and admiration for this very brave, courageous little cat and she deserves to live a little longer yet.

She had two injections at the vets, one a multivitamin and the other was Nandrolin which is a steroid. As she hates being given tablets she is now on a liquid form of Synulox (antibiotic). Easier to administer but she hates the taste and ends up foaming at the mouth for about 20 minutes after.

She must be making progress as her next appointment is at 5.10pm on Wednesday so hopefully she will have improved by then (or gone the other way).

She seems to have regained some of her sight as well. Yesterday when I tried to put the drops in her eyes she saw it coming and struggled like mad. The day before she didn't seem to see anything.

Everything is so up and down at the moment there are times I just don't know what to think.

Another thing which gives me a little bit of hope is Lucy is a very talkative cat. You talk to her and she miaows back at you. When I talk to her today she's miaowing back at me, her voice is still very croaky but that's the first time she's had a bit of a cat-chat with me since this all happened.

I keep remembering that old saying - where there's life, there's hope.
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Sweet Lucy I hope she has gotten better by the next vet appt or at least continues on the route she's on!
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sounds like she has a strong spirit.
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I'll be keeping sweet Lucy in my thoughts.
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Awww I thought at the beginning of your post that this story was going to have a really sad ending. I'm so glad that Lucy has improved enough to make you reconsider your decision. I'm cheering for your little girl. She's gone through so much and hasn't given up yet, I'm just sure she can pull through this one. Good luck to you both.
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Lucy is not the only one with a strong spirit.

Each day with her will be a treasure.

Soooothing headbuts and "I'm glad to be here" licks from KittenKiya's Clan.
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