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Well, isn't this wonderful?

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Outgunned and outmanned by drug smuggling Mexicans on our border.
Maybe Bush will get the picture now. We have been coming down hard
on them and making some progress in curbing the smuggling of drugs from Mexico, so the bad guys decided to go on the offensive.

I thought I would start a thread most of us will agree on.
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did they expect anything other than this to happen? we make them rich, they're not going to take any threat to their "business" lying down, hopefully we can get our officers better equipped
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My mom was talking about a drug dealer that the border patrol ended up shooting in the butt during a take down, and the border patrol guys ended up being prosecuted and convicted for shooting him in the butt (in the process of doing their job ), and the drug dealer got immunity for his testimony , and got caught again smuggling 100's of lbs of illegal drugs across the border while all this was going on! What in the world was this prosecutor thinking? My mom is hoping (and apparently others are too) that they will be pardoned, we'll see...

What other kind of crap could they be bringing over? And what happens if the terrorists are funding this mess, or start funding this mess? We have to know what and who is coming across our borders...

And then there's the whole thing with the Mexican semi drivers- not exactly good border safety enforcement, IMO. Plus, they don't have the same rigorous testing that our semi drivers have- and think about all the problems we still have in enforcing the laws for them. Plus, if you don't read English, you can't read the road signs and the blinky board warnings, and I kinda think that's important when you're driving something that big and heavy- like "Road construction ahead- prepare to stop" ? a little more important than if you're driving a Honda...He's Texan- how can he not get this? This is one place I definitely disagree with him.
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The dudes that shot the guy in the butt were convicted and are in prison, how is THAT for our justice system in this country?
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