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Pix of Butterball

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Here is my little butterball. She wasn't too exited about having her photo taken so I only took a few. She will not let you touch her tummy so it is hard for me to feel if the babies are moving. She will bite or scratch if you go near it.

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Looks like she's got a ways to go yet! She's a pretty girl!
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aww , what a lovely little girl
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She's just gorgeous!

I just love fuzzy long hair kitties.
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I would not even had known she was in a family way from her picture. I have never been so fortunate as to have had kittens. Good Luck!
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What a lovey kitty, she'll have gorgeous babies. You must document every day to show their progress. Can't wait.
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aww Butterball is such a cutie not up to date with her pregnancy - when is she due ? she is looking well

Keep us posted !
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Sorry I haven't been on in a while with an update on Butterball. I've been out sick (from work) since last Wed. with the flu. I'm not even back to normal yet, but here I am sitting at the computer at work.

Anyway, Butterball has gone into nesting mode I think. I find her roaming around my room and then going under my bed (a king). I have been keeping her out of there though when I'm not home because I definitely don't want her to have them there. I have two nests set up for her and I found her sleeping in one of them also over the weekend. I don't think it will be much more than 1-2 weeks at most, but what do I know? LOL I will have to take an updated pic of her for ya'll.
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