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Cat Chewing Hole in Oxygen Hose - Help

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Don't know if anyone can come up with anything husband is on oxygen and has a long hose that runs through the house. My youngest furbaby, PeeDee keeps chewing holes in it. I've tried to wipe the hose with the spray (don't recall the name but it's supposed to deter cats from wantiing it), however, since the hose is plastic, that method does not seem to work too well.

I would appreciate any tips. We can scould him during the day, but at night when we are sleeping he really goes at it.

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There are plastic tubes to wrap around all your electrical cords to bunch them up and make things look tidy.I forget what they are called but maybe if you could put them around the hose, it would discourage her from chewing. I don't think they can chew these as easily. You can get them at staples. Cats are not supposed to like lemon, but I don't know how often you would have to tub lemon peels on your tubes. that's all I can think of now. Can you place a rug over them?
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We had the same problem with my father's oxygen hose, though our cats quickly lost interest, thank goodness. I think the easiest thing is to go to the hardware store and buy some plastic tubing that's a larger diameter, so you can slide the actual oxygen tubing right through it. That way, when it's time to get new tubing (because you know bacteria can grow in there -- you have to switch them out every few months), it's easy to just snake it on through the larger tube you already have in place.

Of course, the cats could chew through the larger tubing as well (unless you choose something very, very tough indeed), but it's less likely that they'd then go on to the smaller one... it's never happened to us, anyway. I hope this helps! Good luck!
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Thanks so much for the handy tips. I will try the plastic tubing. The oxygen hose is probably about 20 feet so I'll need quite a bit but I don't really have any choice. My DH thought he was suffocating one night when he woke up and had no air....this was the first time it happened before we were on to him. We have 3 other babies and they don't bother it.
Thanks for the help.

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Oh, bless your husband's heart -- I know from my father that that's a horrible, terrifying feeling. I hope this works for you!
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