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So Proud Of Pearl!

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Pearl is almost 7 years old, and has never been much to interact with the other cats. Lately she has gotten a little better, and will sleep on the bed while the others are there. She will give a half hearted hiss if anyone gets too near her, but she almost never runs away any more. She also has never liked being held much.
Night before last she was cuddled down in between us, and Pepper, (who has been trying to make friends for months) wanted to cuddle, too. She scooted down between Pearl and my SO. Pearl gave a small hiss, but Pepper didn't move. We left them to sort it out, and in a few minuites. Pepper was snoozing and Pearl was snuggled up to her back using her for a pillow. Then last night, she crawled up on me, and wanted to be held. I am so proud of my shy little girl! She has made so much progress.
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Awwww Pearl It sounds as though she is getting more comfortable.

Has she always been like this? How long have you had her?
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Aww what progress good for Pearl!! She's so pretty.
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that is fantastic!! go Pearl!!
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OMG - HI! What wonderful news about Pearl!!!!!!!!!! And WHAT a doll she is! She's so grown up since I remember her last.

Aww..... she survived a Pepper hiss to stay for snuggles.

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I just love it when you post these updates on Pearl! She is such a special little girl, and has a very special Meowmy and Purrpaw too. She's come such a long ways from the abused little kitten that your daughter "stole"!

If you don't know Pearl's story (I hope this is OK to post, Rebecca), here's what happened: http://savesamoa.org/html/pearl.html
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She is almost 7, born on July 4th,2000. She was terribly abused before I got her, and has spent most of her life hiding in a closet or under the bed. As far as I know she has never had any physical contact with any other cat. Even Fred could not get through to her. She had her first kitty cuddle, and seemed to like it. Over the past few months she has turned into a big cuddle bug with me, and now she is starting to branch out.
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Thanks for the link Heidi!

Oh Pearl you good girl! We're so proud of you!!!
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Aw - good for Pearl!
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