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I wish people would either keep their cats indoors, or on their property or something.

I just spent the past 10 minutes breaking up cats fights and trying to calm Cappy down.

I was sitting here when I heard Nacho howl, then everyone came running. Orion, then Gordito, then Cappy. Poptart always hides when something happens.
Nacho then went after Orion, and they were fighting. Cappy attacked the window. By then I was up and kicking the patio door trying to scare of this orange cat. But he just sat there.

Once I stopped Nacho and Orion, Nacho went after Cappy. Now the poor little guy is so scared.

This cat shows up at least once a week!
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Aaaaargh is right, that must be so annoying for you and your fur babies
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that would be annoying.... LuckyGirl gets freaked out and puffs up when my DH has his ringer on his cell phone set to "meow" instead of ring....I'm guessing that meow must mean something really upsetting in kitty.
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Yeah, sounds really annoying. I live in a very quiet place. (usually) Only once in the year I have lived here did I hear Wesley fighting with another cat. It hasn't happened since! I guess the other cat was more scared of Wesley. It never came back! Cats fighting is a very scary sound, isn't it? The only other problem we have around here is the neighbors (which are my in-laws!) dogs come around here and chase my cat. I think that is so annoying! I have to go out and yell at them to go home or call them and tell them to call their dogs back. I hate having them come around here scaring my baby! They are trying to train them to stay in their yard but dogs will be dogs. I wish they put them on a leash! They enjoy getting into my trash too!!! Sorry....had to vent. I am better now! People should keep more watch of their animals! Down the road from us, there is a dog that is ALWAYS laying in the road and I have to stop and have it move out of the way. People have actually complained to the people that own the dog and they said "Well, be sure to watch out for the dog then!" AHHHH!!!!!!! How annoying!! So, I feel your pain!! It's too bad you have to go through that fighting with your cats!! You can vent to me any day! I would love to vent back!
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Cappy is still scared when he comes into the room.

He slowly slinks in, with his belly to the ground... but one slight noise and he's out of here faster than a bullet.
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