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Watery Eyes (old cat)

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I have a cat with watery eyes. She's had it for some time now (several months). It seems to be a gradual thing, not something that suddenly appeared but now it seems to be something that is just here to stay. She is quite old 17! She's a darling and going strong, showing no signs of slowing down. She has no other symptoms. Her eyes look normal aside from a small brown dot on each eye, looks on the outer section of the eye. Her sight is normal.

Sometimes the discharge (both eyes) is clear and other times it has a red/brown tinge to it. Mostly these days it is clear but we did go through a period where it was red/brown. She has been vaccinated her whole life but not for the past few years due to her age. She suffers severe travel sickness, so if I travel more than 5 minutes she needs to be sedated. That's obviously not an option anymore at her age the Vet said years ago it was best to not give her sedation.

She doesn't seem bothered by her eyes mostly. It's not itching, I've never seen her having a go at it with her paw, nor have I seen her squinting. The eye looks normal (not hazy),. The only time she is bothered by it if is there is a lot of discharge and she shakes her head and it goes everywhere! It's something she's not always had though, it's something that's developed. I'm really not sure how worried if at all I should be. Anyone have any thoughts about her condition? I have another cat, whatever she has isn't contagious. I have Googled a bit and it keeps coming up with varying suggestions most of which conclude surgery is required. I wouldn't consider surgery on her.
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Doesnt sound to me that she would need surgery! Sounds like just old age. Im not an expert. My cat has runny eyes and hes young. The vet said just keep them clean with a wet cloth. He said if he has no other symptoms, its probably just a chronic thing.
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Chichi is 18 and every once in a while her eyes will be runny for a few days. Its usually just clear though (brown when dry) if that's the case I dont think its cause for concern. Only when they gunk is green or yellow that would mean there is some type of infection most likely.
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ok thanks, it's never been green or gunky. Just clear, runny and occassionally the rust colour. i did a google last night on the spots on eyes though and as per another thread here about Iris malanomia or something it didn't sound too good but I think in that case the options are limited and they would just monitor it anyway and eventually decide to remove the eye but I wouldn't go down that path. I shall just keep a close eye on it and make sure I wipe it for her.
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