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something seriously wrong with my cat

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Hello! I'm new and joined this forum mostly because I have no idea what's wrong with my cat. I did take her to the vet and she has all her shots, but she didn't find anything wrong. so i'm not going there anymore and i'm very tight on money so i can't afford to continually bring my cat to other vets. However with I will bring her to another vet if i can get more information or advice.

The problem is this. My cat has a serious bowel problem. Sometimes when she sleeps some of her stool leaks. Even though just a little comes out it stinks really bad. She's losing a lot of weight. I have not seen her produce any solid stools. She was like that before she got pregnant and had her litter. Her litter grew into healthy cats and they are now bigger than she is. She looks dehydrated, but I make sure there's always water around.

I've tried getting her the expensive dietary formula food, tried all kinds of the cheap brands. nothing seems to work. has anyone had any experience with this or know what this is?
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You didn't say how old the kittens are. Are they still nursing? If so, this could easily account for her weight loss and smelly, runny stools. My girl JinJin was a feral who had kittens, and her stools were horrible and liquid until the kittens were weaned.

If the kittens are weaned, and your girl is spayed, and she is experiencing weight loss and watery stools, then it could be anything from food allergies, to infection, to something much more serious.
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Did your vet check for a bacterial infection and worms? Even if she was de-wormed, she may need a second round of the worm medicine to totally get rid of them.

Also, what kind of food are you feeding and how often have you changed food? In trying different foods, you first need to do the transition slowly and have to allow them some time on the new to see if it makes a difference. For the first week or two just the change could be upsetting to a cat with a sensitive tummy.

You may want to try some Natural Balance Venison and Green Pea for a while to see if that has a positive effect. That formula would take you away from too many meats and grains such as most common cat foods have and help you figure if it's an allergy.

I have one cat with a very sensitive stomach and absolutely cannot give her any canned food. She has had the soft to runny and leaking problem so I really understand how frustrating dealing with this can be.

Good luck with this and please keep us posted about your progress.
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I had a cat with runny stool and I had to feed him all canned food. Everyone one is different but I would try a diet change first, then maybe go back to the vet to see if maybe it is irritable bowel. One of our cats at the shelter has that and leaks all over the floor! Good luck!
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