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Semi-Feral Mom may have abandoned 2 1/2 week old

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If you've read any of my recent posts, you know I'm having alot of problems with cats lately, especially my semi-tame ferals. Well, now there's yet another problem. *deep sigh*

Greyie had a litter of 5 kittens 19 days ago, only one is left. Last we saw her today, the baby (Lucki) was wailing and she was just sitting there staring at it doing nothing. We checked a while later and she was gone (fairly normal for her). Well, it's been over 5 hours since we saw her last, and the baby is going ballistic (VERY bad since a neighbor is already threatening to kill my ferals.)! We can hear him crying from inside our house (he stays in a box with a hot water bottle in our fairly warm storage room under our backporch.). We went out and bought him some cat milk and warmed it and fed it through a kitten bottle, and he's currently waiting 30 mins to be pooped.

I'm a bit concerned because he's shaking alot, and his one eye seems kinda watery. Do we need to contact a vet, or is it normal? (I've only had to hand rear a kitten once before, but it was only for a week before he was old enough to be weened.) Is there any precautions I can take (beyond my normal wash hands with hot soapy water) so my indoor cats don't get this runny eye problem?

Did she abandon him to stay with her "male friends" whom she's invited over *grumble, grumble* the last week?

I want to take him inside, but knowing my dad, I severely doubt he'd allow it since he makes sure to remind me daily I'd better not bring any of them in.

He also was able to leave the box he stays in and the floor is cold, I guess it's concrete. I don't have any rugs. What can I do to either keep him in the box, but still allow her to enter, should she return, or at least make it so the floor isn't as cold, and he wouldn't get smashed by me opening the door to the room or me stepping on him in the dark, or him wandering outside or something like that?

Any other hints, suggestions, etc.?
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Also, I had no choice but to give it Whiskas brand cat milk because there was no pet stores open at this hour. Is that bad? If the mom still isn't back by the time it wants fed again, stores still won't be open, is it okay to give it more of the cat milk? (All I have here is 2% cow milk and the Whiskas cat milk.)
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Sometimes a grocery store will carry the Hartz brand kitten formula which would probably be better. Are all the grocery stores closed? This must be stressful for you. I hope things turn out good.
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Well, my mom's the one who went (I don't have a car), and she said that's all that store had. She's asleep now since she has to get up early for work (where as I'm unemployed ATM), so I have no way to go out and see if there's anywhere else that might have something else to give him.

To top if off, I'm sick as a dog. *groans*
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just try to get out sometime and get the right milk for the kitten be sure tho not to feed it cows milk as it cant digest it. Also try to get to the vet to be on the safe side and to make sure everythings ok with the lil baby. Are any of ur ferals fixed? U should really look into that, I also am in the pittsburgh area and can give u a number of someone that will trap and she will also try to see if she can socialize them for adoption but she does catch, fix, and release for the real wild ones and what not but if u want that info pm! This way we have no more kitten issues, ecspecially since we are coming into season and u should try to get the ferals fixed. but its better to have them all fixed like i said because kitten season is coming up real quickly!
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I'll try to send my mom after work, or maybe see if my sister could borrow dad's car when he gets home from work, since he's done at 3PM, and mom's not home until at least 5:30PM.

Wow, 3 vet visits in a week. I bet our vet loves us.

No, haven't been able to afford it, but if all goes well, we might be able to get just the females done on Monday due to money issues.

Really? Please PM me with whatever you can, I'd be greatful for any help. Nearly every place we've called has turned us down, including the Tiger Ranch feral sanctuary. Yeah, the area males are already showing up and making alot of noise!
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Goat's milk is readily available in most grocery stores and is a better choice than the Whiska's IMO. As for the concrete floor question, concrete leeches heat so place several layers of towels or blankets under the box and around the box area so as to keep Baby from getting chilled.
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