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Pictures of Mixy..

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Here are some pics that I took of my Mixy!

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aww what a pertty calico!
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isnt she a tortie?
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Forgive my ignorance, but what is a tortie? Is it a breed?
I've had my Mixy for almost two years and I don't know if she is.
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She looks like a tortie to me. She is really beautiful though.
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no not a breed of cat , just her colouring. but i agree she is a beauty
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Tortoiseshell (tortie) is a color - that's what Mixy is.

A calico (color, not breed) is a white cat with patches of red and black.

Mixy is a very pretty blended tortie. Another way to tell is torties are blended in the color - the calico is solid patches.
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for letting me know.
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She is so pretty I love torti cats and I like her bowl.
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how did you get the pictures on your post?
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Hi Jenn.
I was adviced by the wonderful members of this board to sign up at
There you upload the pictures from your computer. Once you upload them you right-click on the picture you select and copy the URL properties.
When you post your message you click the little envelope on the top where you are posting your message (below the do/undo arrows). From there you paste the url address.
Hope this helps!
post #12 of 16 is another good one in case ya need more room
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Your mixy looks like my Chesterbell. I love Torti's
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Hi chesterbell. So beautiful or Handsome
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Hahaha i'm sorry, She was a female. I know crazy name huh I felt the need to give her a guys name (Chester). to make it sound better I added the belle or nut at the end (Chesnut). lol....She passed 10 months ago. I had her for 14 yrs. she was 2 days old when I took her from the pound. Still had the umbelical cord attached to her.
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Hi Jenn.
So sorry about your Chesterbell. She does look like Mixy (with a tail)!
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