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New Home Update

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We got an official notice from our landlord yesterday that he's listing the home we're renting with a real estate agent as of Monday. We wrote an official reply today that we're giving him tomorrow (we know the home he's renovating now so can just stop by). We told him in the note that due to Gary's illnesses and the fact that we basically work from home we're happy to show the home by appointment, but that we expect to be off the premises by April 1.

We sent up the employment verification to our boss, who supposedly signed it and faxed it back to our real estate agent today. I have a copy of our credit reports from October that he says is recent enough (we HATE handing out our social security numbers!). Our RE agent is coming over Sunday to make sure he's got all the paperwork on his end. If he needs it, we've got copies of all the checks we wrote for this place ready to go, so they can see we were never late and always early - often paying several months in advance - with the rent. (We get paid really lumpy in our jobs, so when we get a lump we tend to pay as much as we can in advance). An hour later the real estate agent from the place we want to rent is coming over. We thought they'd like to see where we've been living for almost three years and the shape it's in. They both really liked that idea.

Although she can't really afford it, Gary's mom is lending us the money we need for the fees and security deposit on the new place.

So if all goes well - Sunday could be the day that the lease is signed and the check is written!

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That is great - I am thinking of you both!!!
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Oh I hope you get the new place - it sounds perfect!
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Sounds like things are going well!
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That is great!!! I am sending get the place vibes and also things go smoothly vibes.
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{{{{Get the place}}}}
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Good luck! I hope everything goes ok.
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I can't help but think of the show House Hunters when I hear about your move. I hope all goes well for you Laurie!!
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How exciting! I'm sure it will all work out.
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Sending lots and lots of {{{{{Get The New Home}}}} vibes! You are doing an excellent job of showing what great tenants that you are I admire the effort and creativity that you are using to achieve what you want
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Keeping for you.
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I'm keeping my fingers crossed, Laurie
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I am sending ((((vibes)))) u get the place. and prayers.
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OH YES......

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Fingers and toes crossed here!!! (((VIBES))) on the new place!!
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, Laurie, that everything works out!
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THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!! Gary just this moment got off the phone with Ernie (RE agent), who confirmed he got the employment verification from our boss and that he's coming over Sunday. Our credit report isn't great, but from what he's explained, it should be good enough. The main thing was the employment/salary verification. Gary and I don't get paid a salary, we get paid percentages of the revenue we generate for the firm, and we were worried our boss wouldn't want to sign what we sent up - which was simply that we "earn" X amount of dollars, and due to the sensitive nature of our business (securities biz), it is the firm policy not to disclose details of the compensation packages. But he was cool with it. So Ernie doesn't need copies of our paychecks (*phew*) or last year's W2s (*double phew*).

It looks like all your good vibes and thoughts are working! We're almost there!

Thank you all sooooo much!

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I just KNOW you got it!
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Good luck - you deserve it!
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Keeping the vibes coming!
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Ernie came over today - and after going over all the paperwork and our credit thingy, everything was in shape, so WE SIGNED THE LEASE! Everything isn't quite set yet, because we gabbed so much he had to run - but we're meeting him at the new place sometime next week with the landlord's RE agent (who didn't come today). We don't know the move-in date yet, and we need two riders - one giving us permission to have the RV parked there with us, and the second allowing the cats (but we already know those conditions are OK).

But it looks like April 1 is going to be moving day. And we've already notified our landlord here that we're going.

Of course we're scared now. This place is a lot farther west in NJ, and a lot farther from our great vet. We moved HERE because of the vet! It'll be about a 30 - 45 minute drive (depending upon traffic) from the new place (as opposed to 10 minutes from here). But Tuxie doesn't have to go to the vet every day anymore - it's more like every 4 - 5 months, and he doesn't stress in the car or at the vet (if he's not staying there). It means new dry cleaner, new supermarket, new drug store, new everything. And getting to all those places will be more like 1/2 hour as opposed to again, the 10 minutes where we are now.

And... I just began allergy shots like a month ago. That'll be out unless I can find another allergist, because that drive would be an hour each way instead of - again - 10 minutes from here.

So - not very conveniently located. But that's why it's the same rent for so much more house. And it wouldn't change our commute time into New York City, so that's good news (even though we don't have to go in too often).

I can't thank you all enough for all your vibes and support!


BUT - it is more secluded, and we love that.
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Housewarming Party

I am very pleased for you.
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And - I know I posted pics of the place, but they were tiny. Here's a larger version of what we're excited about (and we still get an attached garage! ) :

And from the living room looking out on the deck:

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Oh - and we were thinking we'd have to replace the carpet in the living room because none of our stuff would match. But - we looked again, and we're wrong! This house is wood, and we decorated it like a cabin with a camoflage theme. BUT - since the windows there are completely different, if we just forget the pillows we put on the couch and use the camo stuff in an upstairs room (which have different colored carpeting in the bedrooms), our gold couch and stone colored couch - although small - will work because of the gifts Gary gave me - the wall hanging and the matching pillow:

It's kind of hard to see in these pics, but it pulls the gold, the stone color, and what will be blue-grey carpet together:

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That's wonderful news, Laurie! I'm so happy for you!
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....and here's a close up of the wall hanging so you can see the colors better:

We ARE going to miss this place! It is lovely and cozy.

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Good luck Laurie - you home looks so pretty, but I am sure that you will make a home of your new place in no time at all!!!
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Lookin' good, Laurie, lookin' good!
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Wow, those are beautiful pics of your home..I could so move in there
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Congrats on getting the lease signed...I bet that is a huge sigh of relief for you!

The pics were very nice and I agree that you will be able to make your new place home just as much as your old place....maybe even more

Goodluck from me and my fur/non-fur family
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