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I'm a newbie!

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I'm so excited about this site! As I write this my cat is sitting on my shoulder with her face nuzzled in my hair.

I just adore all animals, but cats are my fave! I'm 39 yrs old & I grew up with 3 cats (all calicos). I got my first cat while in 2nd grade. She lived to the ripe old age of 19 yrs. It's been about 12 years since Mom & Dad had to put to sleep & I still miss her dearly. My other 2 cats also lived to the nice ages of 17 & 18 yrs.

Now I'm grown up & married and we have 2 cats: Pooky & Abby. (My hubby refers to the cats & me as "his girls!" He loves animals as much as I do.) Both of our kitties are calico. Pooky is a primarily white calico with short hair. Abby is a dilute calico with long hair. (She reminds me of a Maine Coone.)

Here are pictures of Pooky & Abby. You can probably tell that Pooky has an "attitude"! They're such stinkers and they're spoiled rotten. (I firmly believe in spoiling all animals!)

We call Pooky the Queen of the house because whatever the Queen wants, the Queen gets! Abby is the Princess of the house because Princesses are just so beautiful to look at.
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Bummer...I can't seem to post my picture even though I used the Browse feature to
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G'day and welcome
I'm pretty new to the group as well. You will love it here...great people and a great site.
Bummer about the picture not working.
Maybe it was too large? You usually get a message to say that though.
Give it another try I guess and see what happens, because we'd all love to see some pictures
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Welcome to your soon to be second home~

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Welcome to the site! Oh yes, you will fit in quite well here. We all spoil our babies rotten and wouldn't have it any other way.

I call my Ophelia "Princess" sometimes, but usually when she's being a brat. She's my pretty girl, too. (my other one is a long-haired black boy) She gets mad when I call her Princess, but Precious is just fine. Go figure.

Oh, if you love calicos, and you obviously do, go into The Cat Lounge and find the "Photos of Amy's Babies" for pics of a beautiful calico and her little kittens (birth to 3 weeks) - it's on Page 2 about 1/2 down the page - and "Kittens are 3 Weeks Old Today". One of the kittens, Amelie (named after her mama Amy) is another beautiful calico kitten.
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Hi there. I love the descriptions of your cats. My mother recently adopted a rescue tortie (calico) and white longhair. I'm interested to see if Abby looks anything like Tanya, hope you sort out the pic posting soon!

I know what you mean about the princess. My Fifi (lilac cream persian - although I call her 'pink' much to her disgust), also get called princess because of her sweet yet demanding demeanour.

Great to have you here hope to hear lots more about your kitties and you in due course.
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Hi, Norskygal! Who ever heard of a spoiled cat? :laughing2 Aren't they all little angels? Your cats sound beautiful! I'm glad you found the site. You won't be sorry; we have a lot of fun!
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Welcome!:flash:I'm new to this site too! I have a calico (Sarah) and a tortie (Auxana) and a cream/pink kitty (Josephine). I call Jo Jo my pretty pink princess. Her fur looks pink sometimes. I hope you find out how to post pictures!I had a problem with size that I had to figure out,but I'm sure if you keep trying you'll get it!

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