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It's DEFINITELY kitten season now!!!!

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Thread Starter's official- it's DEFINITELY kitten season! Sorry i haven't been on TCS a ton this week- i've been swamped! We've had tons of puppies and kittens come into the shelter, today was spay neuter day...and now....kitten season has officially arrived. I have lost my mind i think I have a litter of 4 two week old kittens, a litter of 2 6.5 week old kittens and kolar our 6 month old foster kitten Soooo...ummm yea! Anyone want to take the mighnight, 3 am, and 6 am shifts
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If I lived closer, I would love to help, except I would end up bringing them all home to stay....Good luck, and what a wonderful job you are doing..
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Kitten season hasn't hit us yet. We are getting in pregnant mothers. One of our stray wards is looking like a maternity ward. It's just aweful. I feel your plight.

Good luck to ya.
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Well, I'm in Canada, so unfortunately can't help you out! I would love to, though!
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You are going to be a busy momma...Good Luck
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I don't envy you with those feedings! But, those babies will be ready for new homes soon with you as their Foster Meowmy.
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Kitten season makes me kinda sad All those kitties without homes.
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Originally Posted by Trouts mom View Post
Kitten season makes me kinda sad All those kitties without homes.
it makes me sad too

On another note nikki, I would love to help u if I lived closer and luckily I dont because Id end up bringing them all home
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If I was closer, I'd help in a heartbeat! poor kitties. kitty season is around the corner here and it makes me sad that a lot of kittens are still looking for homes. puppies go quicker. atleast that's how it is at the shelter where I volunteer.
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I love kittens... but I hate kitten season.

Suprisingly, we have only taken in 2 pregnant females so far this year, both of which have misscarried their litters at about 3 weeks in. I think the trama and stress of coming into the rescue is what does it, as it happens alot here.

By June, I will probably have at least one handfed baby here, who lost their momma one way or another.
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Nikki, we can trade rescues. We currently have 13 puppies....with 17 more coming in Saturday. Kitten season isn't here yet, but it's been puppy season since early Feb!

Any chance your phone works with Photobucket yet?
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Oooh, wow, you guys get it early!

Kitten season hits here late April. The neo-natal ward...and you can ask Kelly/clixpix for verification because I showed this to her....IS COMPLETELY EMPTY!!!
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We're doing really well this year, knock on wood!

Last year kitten season started in... JANUARY. But this year is slow so far. *knock on wood* We're getting trickles, not slammed!

We have one feral-ish mom who delivered unknown, one feral mom who is probably preggo, and one litter of three found bottle babies, and one mom who had kittens a few weeks ago.

That's it! It's kinna awesome.
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Aww, it is sad to have so many kitts without mums - we have had 7 so far this year, but they were 7wo, we haven't had any others yet, although I know other rescues in the area have.
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Yep definately here. I have a new stray kitty sleeping in my bathroom...pregnant.
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Nikki, your doing a great job as, WHERE ARE THE PICS??
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wow, thats alot coming in at once you are certanly busy, busy ! what brill work you do

Heres sending vibes that those precious babies get some homes
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Thanks soo much everyone / Glad i'm not the only one swarming with kits! It's also high puppy season at our shelter too - so we have kittens and puppies everywhere I will likely be starting to take in puppies soon too if this keeps up.We've also had lots of adult dogs come in lately- so i'm just hoping we can find homes for all of them. / The kittens are doing well this morning I've spent all morning with them feeding/ cleaning and all those fun things. The dogs LOVE the baby kittens and keep trying to help also They're sooo gentle with them- when i hold them and feed them, the dogs keep trying to bathe them. The kittens think they're their daddies / My two older kittens, Ivy and Iris will be going back to the shelter tomorrow with me- not to be placed up for adoption yet (too young) but to go in the kitten room as our house is getting pretty full. But the good thing is that i work up there so i can watch them around the clock They're getting huge! Colin built a new stand/cover to case in the kitten cage so they can't fling litter everywhere and we also fixed up a new little tiny tiny covered litter pan to go in there out of a tupperware container- omg! for those of you with foster kittens that are small- it works soooooooooo well! I'll try to see if my phone/photobucket account is working later so i can take pictures for ya'll- it is really convient and cuts down on mess / The 4 little kittens seem to be doing well today- 2 of them weigh about 6-6.5 ounces and the other two weigh in around 8 oz at the moment- all are eating well I'll try to get pictures as soon as i can. / Iris and Ivy- the two 7 week old girls (i think they're between 6.5-7 weeks) are brown tiger tabbies with a bit of marbling on their sides. / The 4 new babies- 3 are grey and sooo cute and fluffy and one is a brown tabbie- i believe it's two boys and two girls. I'll try to get pictures as soon as i can I definitely could use some more sleep though I woke up all night long to feed them. / Their little ears are open and so are their eyes - they're just now starting to cut in teeth- they're soooo cute! I'll have to come up with names for them when i get some time. I'm still trying to tell the 3 little grey ones apart from one another.
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Oh Nik, as much work as it is, it sounds so much fun!! Can't wait for the pics!
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I would love to help!!! It does sound like fun!!! (even with the midnight feedings! ) What a wonderful job you are doing!!!
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Wow, I dont know how you manage it, I am not sure i could do that!!
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Uhhhh 2 more large litters of infant kittens came into the shelter today. I looked at Angela and well i couldn't help it, i blurted out "NOT again!" Uhhhhhhh!!!!!! Between kitten season, my cold, lack of sleep, and my non-stop sneezing i'm about to go Thank goodness- two of the other foster moms just happened to be able to take in one of each litter. I was SOOOOOOOOOO happy!!!!!!- i just did not feel like having 4 different litters of kittens to take care of right now - i'm sick and i just wouldn't be able to care for 4 large litters like that, my own animals, the shelter animals, AND myself So thankfully i just have my two litters of kittens and my other furbabies. (haha as of today- watch it- tomorrow i will probably have more) I need a nap!:blob:
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