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I'm so excited!!!

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I have posted about my former feral, Sasha, the Siamese mix that someone dropped off at our farm. I successfully trapped, vetted, and "tamed" her and now she is a beloved member of our family. Well, this evening I was out in the barn, and happened to see a GORGEOUS chocolate point Siamese eating with the rest of the barn cats. This cat was amazing looking. Since all our other barn cats (and house cats) are spayed/neutered and vaccinated, I want to do the same with this newbie... so I set the trap this evening. Hopefully I'll have him/her trapped tonight... or I'll reset the trap in the morning. I'll update as soon as I catch him/her and I'll post pictures if I can!!
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Hope ya catch this cat.http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/ima...ilies/wink.gif
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Sending easy trap and tame vibes
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Good lucky trapping the new kitty! You've got quite the kitty family already - sounds like another's on the way!

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I kept the trap set up until around midnight last night... didn't catch anything though. I just went out and reset it... I think when I go out to feed horses I'll put a couple pieces of fish in there (have hot dogs right now), maybe that'll entice them better. After I posted last night, I went out to check the trap and happened to see TWO MORE ferals in the barn. No one knows where they came from. One is a big silver/white tabby, looks like a tom cat to me.. I *think* he lives in the barn across the street and comes over here to eat, because I've seen him once before but he never stays. But I also saw a young looking solid black kitty, and my b/f's dad said he saw him/her in the barn two days ago. If I trap the tabby or the black one, they'll be good candidates for TNR... but I'm planning on working with the Siamese if I can.. AND b/f said that if I want to, I can keep the black one too . He's sooo awesome!
I'd love to know where all the Siamese cats have come from. Last spring/summer was when we first started noticing them. It started with big Louie, an approximately 10 year old already neutered male Siamese (not sure on the technical coloring, but his points are blueish). He was easy to "catch", coming right up to us for petting. He enjoys life in the barn and is a big fat boy now! Soon after that, we started seeing Sasha... it took forever to catch her though. And now we've got another. I'll assume they all came from one house, and I honestly believe they were all pets at one time. Louie is such a sweetie and Sasha, after a very short time, was snuggling with us and loved being held and petted. The third one seemed interested in me, but didn't approach... but it was feeding time for the horses and there were lots of noises.
Anyway, I'm still really excited, and hope I'll have good news to post today!
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Good luck catching your newbies!! and the chocolate point sounds lovely!
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