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Have u locked a cat in a closet/pantry by mistake? - Page 2

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I chose he locks me in...

No never locked him into a room I didn't want him in. Sierra locked Kota in the closet one time though. I freaked out because I thought I may have left her outside or something. I was searching the house and outside till I finally found her. I was in a panick cuz I thought I lost my furbaby.
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I've done that plenty of times. I've locked a kitty in the garage before. In the barn. I've even shut Bean into a cabinet once when he was smaller. They never get locked in for long. But sometimes thier so sneaky you can't help but accidentally lock them somewhere.
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Countless times. Sho used to get locked in the garage all the time, until he learned not to go in there. A few occasions he's been locked in the bathroom.
Tomas is worse though, being a kitten he has to be in the middle of everything. If he hears a door to a closet or room open were he's not allowed the first thing he does is madly dash in. I'm very lucky he hasn't tried to dash outside.

Max once got himself locked in the storage shed overnight I always call and check but that day he was being sneaky. When I went out the next day, he burrr and ran out when I opened the door. I was horrified at the time. Now I triple check and do a head count outside, I don't want to lock him, a stray, or a neighbors cat inside.
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Tiggy spent the day in the hall closet about 6 months or so ago.....I felt TERRIBLE! I know better than to shut any door in our home without dekittying it first!
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Thankfully I've only ever done that once.
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All the time! They sneak in there before i shut the door! Usually i see them do it and get them our right away. I learned my lesson on several occassions from Velvet- she likes to go hiding in my closets I also have locked a kitty in the couch unfortunately- Kolar got stuck in there this week Thankfully, he was ok though.http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/sho...59#post1640759
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Almost daily!!!!!! And it is always Max. He has been shut under the stairs, in the divan drawers under a bed, in the garden shed, in the cupboard under the sink, in the airing cupboard, and in every bedroom. He is so slinky and skinny that he slips in and curls up in a corner before anyone notices!!!!!
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Herpy is bf's wee black cat (who has herpes). He's fast, nosy...the posterboy of getting locked into things unseen. I've shut him into the fridge 4 times, the bathroom countless times the food bin twice, etc. thankfully, we have no closed closets. I don't need to do a headcount. After a few seconds of being trapped, he starts belting out meows that could level a city.
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It has become second nature to me to check to see where Jamie is before leaving the house or going to bed, turning on the washer, dryer, or dishwasher, or if I haven't seen him around for an hour or so. Is there any nook or cranny they won't explore, or choose as a great place to nap? He's even been trapped inside duvet covers after "helping" me change the sheets.
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i've done this often enough that i try to do a 'nose' count before i walk out the door! i've shut every one of them in the closet or bathroom multiple times!
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