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Have u locked a cat in a closet/pantry by mistake?

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I accidently shut poor Zebra in a TINY storage room today ALL DAY and felt real bad.. Someone mentioned that she was sure most of TCS members here did the same thing so I thougt I'd create a poll for this and see.
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Scratch is black, and so are shadows. I've learned to do head counts.
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Yes, lots of times
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Lily goes down to the basement with me all the time when I'm doing laundry, and sometimes I forget and close the door when I come back up.

After the first three or four times, she figured out to meow to remind me.
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Yes , a calico or black and white cat sleeping in the back of the towel closet is usually the victim!
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About once every 6 months one of them will hide in the closet when I close the door
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Yes, at least once a week Squee gets her little bum stuck in a cupboard or pantry. She's a little ninja--so quiet!
About 8 years ago our RB kitty Flash was accidentally locked in my brother's room for an afternoon, and ended up ripping his posters and peeing in his toybox.
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Madden gets locked in the pantry every now and again. He's learned to meow until someone lets him out though! He could never get locked into a pantry, he knows how to open them. He opens them and goes in, the door closes behind him and when hes ready to get out he just opens the door again!
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Originally Posted by lookingglass View Post
Scratch is black, and so are shadows. I've learned to do head counts.
Same with Maverick.

Although I've locked Penelope into my walk-in closet a few times. I think she spent a half day there once. I always locate my babies before we leave the house. But I only have two. If I had more than 3, I'd probably just cross my fingers LOL
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Dan, bless his heart, locked stewie in the fridge once...
stewie jumps in the fridge EVERY time you open it...and one day dan went in to get his milk and about 15 minutes later dan heard the soda bottle fall over inside the fridge and went to see what was the noise...and out comes stewie...not harmed but just ready to dethaw
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Last time Duke got closed into the closet he didn't meow or anything he pulled down my jacket and slept on it. eventually Sibohan found his tail sticking out under the door and started playing with it which alerted me to where he was.

When Sibohan was younger my mother actually called her "the closet cat" we had to constantly check every closet in the house open because the second we opened one she was in it.
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it happened once, several years ago. i was rushing around in the morning, and didn't realize my kitty went into the closet. he was in there all day while i was at work. needless to say, he acted pretty annoyed when i came home! since then i've been MUCH more careful and it hasn't happened again.
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I'm pretty sure I have a few times. I remember a recent time where I locker Taylor in the bathroom on accident.

I got up in the middle of the night to go #1 and didn't turn the lights on. My night vision was good, there was enough moonlight, and I didn't want to chance waking up fully. Taylor followed me in the bathroom which he usually does. I did my business, walked out, and took a quick glance before I closed the door.

I ALWAYS keep the doors closed because otherwise Taylor will make confetti out of the toilet paper.

Anyway, I ended up locking Taylor in the bathroom and woke up when he started knocking things off the sink. He also managed to knock the toilet paper into the toilet. (Yeah, I left the seat up. LOL)
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Originally Posted by EricaNicole View Post
Dan, bless his heart, locked stewie in the fridge once...
stewie jumps in the fridge EVERY time you open it...
Evie *loves* the fridge, and when I was first finding this out, I'd lock her in there all the time while I was cooking. Luckily, never for long! She's a talker and let me know when she wanted out every time. Now, though, I'm sure to kick her out before I close the door!

I also lock her in our very small walk-in closet about five times a day. At first, it was a bigger deal, but now we've locked the latch open so she can just push her way out.

AND, we have a laundry room that she likes to get locked in... She goes in when I'm away for a bit, then hides behind the washer and dryer... I eventually either notice she's suspiciously quiet or she'll start screaming at me! Luckily, we go out through the laundry room so I've never locked her in there all day... Knock on wood!!
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For me its about once a month...but I am alot more careful of it if I am leaving the house If I am here, I just figure I will find her soon enough, or she will meow.
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My cats can't stand a closed door so it's not an issue with them getting locked in.

Chynna does however love to sleep in the pots cupboard and she gets in there through a cupboard door below the sink. She knows how to open it to get it and sometimes while I'm at the sink I accidently close the cupboard door with my knees and she gets locked in. However, she knows how to head butt the door to open it so it's not an issue.

I had a very traumatic experience with a cat of mine several years ago. Now no matter how rushed or late I am I won't ever leave the house without seeing where my babies are and that they are ok before I go. And they are the first things I look for when I get home too. I don't leave anything to chance anymore when it comes to them.
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I had to vote never, but only because I never have any closed doors. My pantry and closet don't have doors on them and my bathroom and bedroom doors always stay open. So it's impossible for me to lock them in, but I KNOW if things were set up differently here the boys would get trapped sometimes. They're too curious for their own good.
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Oh, I forgot- the dead giveaway that we've shut someone in somewhere (often my 3 yr old's room when we check on her before we go to bed) is the sister cat sitting on our side of the door, hunkered down and looking at the crack under the door . Then she gets all excited when one of us comes down the hall, and we let the other one out . They act like they pretty much all hate each other, but when one of them needs help, it's like the four muskateers!
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Once a while ago I was rushing to leave with Dh's mom and I wasn't paying attention and locked Luna on the porch until Brad got home.She was NOT a happy cat let me tell you. She is very nervous when the door to the basement gets closed so when she was locked out on the porch she was freaking out. Poor thing.
They got even with me though, Isis was out on the porch and wouldn't come in and so I went out to get her and the door shut and locked behind me. I was in my pj's and couldn't get back inside. I was mortified and had to go over to my neighbors house ( they were older thankfully) and ask if I could call long distance to Brads work to get him to come home and unlock the door so I could get back inside. Luckily it was summer so I wasn't freezing half to death. Boy did he have a great laugh on my behalf. Monsters! SO now everytime I go out on the porch I not only unlock the door but I also have my cell on me (yes even in my pj's) just in case.
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Originally Posted by lookingglass View Post
Scratch is black, and so are shadows
Baker is white so I have no excuse He's the only one who tends to dart into closets.
I always do a head count before leaving the house.
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Usually someone gets shut in a cupboard or the closet at least once a day. Luckily one of the to other kitties will let me know. I have gotten real good about checking most things for cats before closing them like the washer, dryer, freezer, :censor::censor::censor::censor:, dishwasher. and once Annie jumped into the oven. I am glad it wasn't on, I was just putting some skillets in there
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Kallie likes to sneak in to the closet without me seeing her and I close the door and she gets stuck till I open it again....I have trained myself to look for her before closing the door, but every once in a while I forget
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I've had my kitties trapped in the bathroom, the refrigerator, cupboards, you name it. The worse though was I closed the dryer door on Harley! I normally check before I put another load in, but I was done for the day so I just closed the door. I didn't hear him for a few hours, then he just started howling his head off! I guess it was nice and warm and he curled up and went to sleep. I felt SO bad! So, no...you are NOT alone!
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I do head counts everyday but sometimes they still sneak in places that they shouldn't be. Most of the time all my doors are left open but my husband occaisonally closes something for whatever reason.

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It happens quiet regularly around my house...we have a crawl space where we store wood and have our wood/electric furnace, sump pump, hot water tank, water softner, panel box...every time we go down there Darcy insists on sneaking down there....we watch her, but then she turns on her invisible cloaking device and next thing you know we are having to open the floor to let her out. There is also a two foot space between our floor and the cement pad, we converted the double attached garage to living space. Manadrin and Precious love to zip into our closet whenever its open, and we use it more for storage so its easy to miss them....Its never for long periods of time though.
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Reeses managed to push her way into our closet (2 sliding doors) but then couldn't get back out. I did lock her in the basement once, she get got the door open and I didn't know she was down there.
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LuckyGirl got locked in the closet once....DH did it, I gave him a few choice words, and he felt terrible.... so long as he doesn't do it again!
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Guilty your honor
We have a cellar and the access is by an outside door, most days its left open, then locked at night,..........yep you guessed it, some 4-legged light footed critter always manages to get locked in - luckily for them theres a 'den' down there, so if they want they can always catch the late movie I always have a water bowl in there, just in case
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LOVING all these stories and YES, I'm feeling better somewhat knowing I'm not the only one!

INTERESTING no one has clicked on option for cat locking them in! AND ONLY ONE has NEVER locked his/her cat in/out!!
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My cat likes to sleep n the closet. So he is in there a lot but doesn't seem to mind! Someone will be like "where's the cat?" and sure enough, he is in the closet all cozy!!!
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