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gonna have a rant

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well a tabby male and a fluffy black i think female was just doing something they shouldnt be doing in my back yard!!! both have collars on i know whos the male is she told me he had been neutered!! she asked to have 1 of annes kittens once they were old enough i said yea (shes a mate) plus she said her tom was fixed ........
well she aint getting her grubby poors on any of my babys, and also my other mate earlier this evening was asking about if anne was to have a tabby girl she wanted her to breed at least twice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
what is wrong with people??? at this rate i will keep all kittens till there 6 months old (vets will only do it then) and then try to home them, what am i gonna do?
anne has been breed more then enough without her kittens going through the same fate!.
rant over , i have nothing aginst people who want a litter of kittens , but when they blanty say there gonna do this many litters , or lie to me about there male cats , thats what makes me angry
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Calm down Tash I know what you mean,people are so damn irresponsible.
One of my friends asked if one of her friends could have one of mine....so i said yea,get her to phone me. well she originally asked if i would keep it until she had her holiday,and i said no problem...then she phones tonight and says she s changed her mind and will pick him up before she goes and put him in a cattery....as he'll need to get used to it as i work away a lot!!! so i said oh no,not a chance.Have told her she cant have him,we have had a row and she said i've offended her by implying she doesn't know what she's doing!! i said there is no chance,as i'm quite happy to keep them myself if i cant find LOVING family homes where they will be showered with love as they would here.

So see....we should just laugh Tash...we know that WE are responsible
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Its a shame your vets over there won't do it sooner then 6 months. But the US was the same way for many decades - only recently did they start doing them 2-3 months old.

Keep checking for a vet in your area that will do early spay/neuter - explain the situation that you DON'T want your kittens to be used in breeding more litters for their kittens to end up in the shelters!
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I am confused...I don't think him doing what he was doing means he isn't fixed....Warlock is 7 1/2 years old, has been fixed since he was about 5 months old and he still does his best to get busy with Dutchess....(really comical actually, I don't think the genitals ever actually make contact...poor dummy!)
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really? god none of my boys have ever tried it. 1 of them didnt come to me untill he was 11 yrs old , i had him neutered and not once has he tried to do anything. maybe it just depends on the cat? then again saying that , my mum was saying a few months back that she though her george had a girlfriend (his neutered) but he kept following her about and disserpearing for an hour or so . hehe which isnt like him
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My moms males, Marshmallow and Spice used to do that too...and they were fixed...I think they are like rabbits, or men for that matter...if the basics still work they will use them! lol!
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My cat benji has been neutered for well over 3 years...but he will mate a cat in heat(all fixed now but sometimes oa new cats goes into heat before it can get spayed) he will actually go all the way and female screams...I would still try to get the female spayed-even if the boy is neutered she is bound to get mated by a entire male.
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its not my female cat , i havent a clue whos it is.
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My Taffy has never done that he will be 1 May 27th. He never tries to get on the girls that I have seen. WOW.
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