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tooth fell out

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Hello- I'm new to this site. I'm very concerned about my cat Romeo. He has had this awful breath since he was a kitten. He's almost 3. The vet said it was normal but it stinks up the room- it's that bad! He's due in for his checkup & I've put off bringing him. Well in the last few weeks he's been kind of acting like something is on his teeth. Then he's been sticking his tongue out a lot lately & when he licks or sticks his tongue out, his jaw will vibrate. Tonight I found his tooth on the floor. I plan to bring him to the vet but until I can get him there, can someone tell me if they know what might be causing this?
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I can't give you any advice, but I did want to welcome you to TCS!!! There are many people here who are very knowledgeable, and hopefully, one of them will respond to your post soon.
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Hi there Firefly. Welcome.

Some cats are prone to tooth decay, and the obvious symptom of this is bad breath.

Take your cat to the vet, he may need to operate to remove badly decayed teeth (if left untreated these can cause organ failure in extreme cases). After this, you should begin cleaning your cat's teeth. There is chicken, tuna etc kitty toothpaste available, and little brushes too.

Poor puss is obviously in some discomfort, it's only fair to get the vet to have a look. However, don't start brushing the teeth until the rotten ones have been removed - I think this would probably add more pain.

Good luck.
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I was wondering , when do cats get their "adult" teeth ? My Cat Maya (the calico) is biting in all carton-boxes available since a week ; maybe she is "changing" teeth ??
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They can start to get their permanent teeth as young as 3 months of age and by 6 months they should have all their adult teeth in.
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