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I THINK Layla's in labour....!!!

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ok....i see some whitish yellowish discharge and ripples like the kittens are moving around like that contractions???

And she never vocalises...and shes meowing at me....and shes jus settled in her cat bed but keeps shifting about n lifting her back leg up. Will i get the kittens tonight then?????
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aw i hope so , we had the discharge y/day , depends on the ripples , there hard to explan, the only way i can is like this , everytime it happens it last a few seconds her back sort of archs up like all the fur moves and she may purr while this happens . sorry thats the best way i can explain it. anne is doing simillar shes back and fourth in her nest , then trying to get in places where she cant even get her head into(shes confind to the bedroom.
ooo do update when something more happens
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shes lost the mucus plug and seems v uncomfy and keeps meowing.... and there are definate rhythmic contractions and shes purring loudly! so i think the next 12 - 24 hrs...
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I hope she has them soon and everything goes ok and keep us posted. Good luck and cant wait to see pics...sendin kitty vibes
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aww wishing for healthy babys.
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ooooo so exciting Keep us updated! We love hearing about births.
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They sound like contractions!! is she getting like a hollow in her side/back? thats the only way i can think to describe it! it is very VISIBLE when they have a contraction!

Does this mean i have to sit here for hours now waiting?!
I'll get in bed and be thinking 'wonder if layla has had her kittens' and wont be able to sleep
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lol me to , then i hear anne just move and bam im up again. god let this be over
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YES SHES HAD THEM!!! HAHAHAHA I WON THE RACE!! Im so glad this is over...and i dnt hav 2 b hme constantly now! i cancelled my nite out 2day thank god i did that...she went in2 labour at half tenish...the 1st kitt came at midnight on the dot...i think its a dark tabby! and the 2nd came at 12.30...a tuxedo b+w JUST like the dad!!!
I really hope i get a white there r defo more inside her so ill keep u all updated! thanx 4 everyones interest...hope anne has hers soon aswell tasha! The 2 so far r lookin v fat and healthy...nursing away and sqealing away. Still w8in on no.3....its been 45mins since no.2. does ne1 know how long the maximum pause is b4 i need 2 worry?
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oh yeah and check this out - my mums been away 4 2 weeks in spain and layla is v attached 2 her. we all guessed that shes w8in 4 my mum...and she'll have them the day she gets home. Guess what day my mum got back??
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Unless one of the parents of the kittens is white - you will NOT get a white. What color is mom and dad?

I'm guessing the one you said is dark tabby is a brown tabby.

Pictures please
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no. 3 is 1.15. PURE WHITE BEAUTY just like its mum!!! yess! im so glad i got a white i love white cats. im gonna leave them till 2moro b4 i sex them..! these babies r pretty big but the white is lookin a lil runty. i hope theres a few more....will keep u updated x
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cant tell if hes brown jus looks black with tabby legs - hence 'dark' tabby lol. yeah mums white. there are pics of her under another thread
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congrats I am so glad that everything went well and I bet mom is being such a good kittie mom to her kittens keep us updated, and be sure to post pics is mama confined with the kittens??? Well be sure to keep us updated
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yay well done.........some more babies for us all to drool over bet they are a bunch of little cutie-pies give that mum some special tummy rubs - she done well any photos as yet ?
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Aww that great news!!! I knew i'd miss it well done hope everything went really well.
How many did you end up with?
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Awwww congrat! everytime i want to be on here when one of you ladies are becomin a grandma i never get to i am always out.But congrats anyways and hope mommy and babies are doin well! Cant wait to see pics!
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congrats im glad everything went ok , so the final count is 3? the black with what looks like tabby legs , will end up fully black more then likely , lilly had 2 black with tabby markings , there both full black now.
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I am glad that finally at least one of the pregnant cats on here has decided to get on with it! Congratulations, waiting eagerly here to see if there were any more and hear that mum and kits are doing well I love white kitties too, I am pleased that you have the white baby you wanted, are you going to keep him/her?
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VERY EXCITING! I am glad someone's cat decided to have them! I want to see pictures too!
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Thanks 4 everyones msgs. Layla's very tired and lazy... shes just left the kittens 4 the 1st time theyre all full up and sleeping so ive let her come downstairs 4 a while 2 recooperate...shes been with them non stop since midnight !!

The babies have turned out beautiful. I think there are 2 fathers because 2 of the kittens are clones of each tom ive seen Layla with. The 1st one turned out 2 b a silver mackarel tabby, the 2nd is a brown classic tabby with white paws and bib...and the 3rd is a clone of Layla - all white. Then theres the last one which is a tuxedo B+W. Thankfully theyre all v healthy although the white is a little thinner than the rest.

Well about the white one i dont think we will keep it ourselves, but ive already had interest from the next door neighbours, my brother and his wife, and my other brothers it will be staying close by anyhow!

Hope this starts off a trend and all the cats on here start popping soon! Good luck 2 everyone
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aww thanx for the update , i so hope this does start a trend , come on girls labour vibes lol
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awww congrats on your new family!

Glad mom and kittens are doing ok. Can't wait to see pictures!
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well done congradulations hope mum and kitties are doing well.

waiting for all the lovely pics now
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