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Showing questions

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Hi I will be showing Hopey in TICA in mid-April and I was wondering if any of you could give me some advice on what I need to take with me for the show? I have a attachable waterbowl and a food dish, the petvet TICA sized. So I guess food and water, and litter and litter box, vaccination chart. Anything else?

Thanks for any advice!

I know Hopey will probably meow a lot and act upset. This is normal right? How long does it usually take for them to settle down? If she is really distressed I can pull her out right? Should I take her out to comfort her or is this a bad idea?

Sorry lots of questions...
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Hopey siamese right? She will talk alot no matter what

The clubs provide a cage for you - usually the show flyer has the cage deminsions.

For your first show, just get several matching towels to put on 3 sides of the cage, the top and the bottom (flooring). And take one or 2 extra towels in case of an accident. Put Hope against some towels you have already to figure out what color compliments her the best.

Also need some safety pins or those little black clips you put on a thick stack of papers.

I usually take a throw away cardboard box top (cut in half and put the 2 halves inside each other) with litter from home - tho the club does provide litter.

You will need food/water bowls (don't be upset if she doesn't eat at the show). A nice snuggle bed for her to sleep in.

Grooming supplies - comb, brush, q-tips, cotton balls, nail clippers and a dryer sheet for static. You want her to have a nice slick coat.

You will have to wash her the nite before the show, so clip nails then and I advise you to put her in a room overnite where she cannot hide on you in the morning or get herself dirty.

There are some show grooming threads in her for washing her. Have fun, take pictures, take a book to read between rings (oh and don't forget a pen to write down the finals and mark your catalog). Do your best to relax - if you are uptight, Hopey will be uptight.

I haven't seen any siamese that didn't like showing . One word of caution - take a LIMITED amount of cash with you so you don't overspend! Just enough for eating and a few toys.
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