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Wicking PJ's/Nightgowns?Bedsheets????

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This type of product was mentioned on The View yesterday to wear if one has night sweats (that time of life!).
Anyhow I cruised around on the web and it seems there are lots of products to buy-not cheap however but if it stops one from waking up wet.....
There are also wicking sheets and pillowcases too.
Has anyone bought any of these products????
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I haven't even heard of them before, but I do get nightsweats so I have to look into this.
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Ewwwwwwwww If they're anything like the wicking clothes for sports, they might as well call them "stink sheets" because what you notice more than anything is your own BO.
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Is the fabric content primarily nylon? If so, I don't like that fabric. Thin cotton or cotton/linen blend is much more comfortable, IMO.
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look into wicking exercise gear - might be cheaper than the special pjs & would be multiple-use - you could both sleep in it & exercise in it! i don't know about regular sizes, but junonia carries plus-size wicking exercise stuff, like shorts, capris, tops, etc.
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Can someone explain what wicking is?
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The fabric "wicks" the moisture or sweat, away from your body and to the surface of the fabric where it evaporates.

The fabric doesn't stay wet. But the nylon and lycra-spandex make you sweat more than ever, and the fabric's cold when it's cold out, and hot when it's hot, IMO.
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When I worked for Cabela's they sold alot of moisture wicking socks to hunters to keep their feet dry in the field.

What ever the fabric is it works! If you get night sweats and it's made of the same material I would buy it!
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Hmmm, never heard of it but I suppose I should try it as well...

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