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We are 5 days old!

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We three sleepy heads:

Hi! My name is Willy! I'm the only boy!

Hi. I'm a girl. Human mom calls me Porkchop.

Hi! I'm a little ball of feminine fat! Everyone loves me the most! (Or so I think)

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Cute puppies!! I'm so glad that the labor and delivery went ok!!
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Awww, just look at those little darlings!
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I bet they're all getting a lot of loving attention!
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What cuteness!! They are just precious......
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Awww, they are all cute...I just love puppies..
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they are sooo cute!
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what little dolls!
I just love puppys...when they are someone puppy days are over!
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Very cute!
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o my what cuties look at how tiny
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how cute!! puppies are like babies, they're cute but I would never want one
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Cute cute cute.....I'll take them all!!
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aww there they are again, those precious little puddings - aww I want one
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awwww....they're beautiful!!!
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Well, they are 4 weeks old now. I have a gorgeous pic of Jewel but Willy was too busy trying to chew on my toes to get a pic of him and PorkChop was too busy sleeping. LOL

So, here she is, our little Jewel:

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Awwww Such a gorgeous face!
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Awwwww aren't they so sweet
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Oh my goodness!! they are so cute!
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So adorable! We need more pictures of the pups!
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Awww she's gorgeous I just love the eyes and her colors black on top, brown on bottom with white on her face I wonder what her father was. Can't wait to see pics of the other two is PC still in the lead for size? Are they all similar in color? Can't Wait!
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Beautiful babies!
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