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Taking pictures

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how does everyone take pictures of their pets? I use my cellphone camera, because that's all i have. I was just curious if everyone else uses a digital camera? =( I wish i had one of those... but alas, i don't. just curious. =) thanks.
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I use a fairly cheap digital and zoom, though I do switch to macro for close up head shots.
Natural lighting.

I know cells don't take the best pics, but I would suggest you try to get your pics in the daytime, with as much sunlight flooding the room as possible.
And just like regular cameras, the lightsource should be behind you, not the subject.
And lastly, stay as still as you possibly can while you take the pic.

I will add that for cellphone pics, yours weren't that bad.
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ya..we use digital cameras...we have 3 different models and brands we just got our 3rd the other day and its a olympus stylus 740...its the best for shutter speed but i got a red samsung last summer and i it except fot the shutter speed, and we also have a kodak, cant rememer what model but its about 2 years old and us an easy share
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We have a digital camcorder, and I have the iSight camera on my MacBook, but we don't have a digital camera.

I really need to get one.
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i just bought myself the kodak easyshare z710 and i looove it! lol
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cool dudes. =) thanks for the info.
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I take my digital everywhere with me, I have a couple, may favourite being the Fuji Finepix s5200, which is getting a little older now but takes great pics, has a 'proper' camera lens and great zoom and macro
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I too have a Fuji FinePix...A330 3x Optical Zoom. I'm terrible about reading manuals and such...I just play around with my cameras til I find what I like as far as settings. I"m sure if I bothered to read the manuals, I could get better use from them!

I also have a Cannon EOSD30...extremely heavey digicam! I got it from my brother in law who is a photo-nut! Its got a couple of lenses...a nice wide angle one that I forget to use! It takes beautiful photos but its just soooo heavy for me anymore...my pics end up a little blurry many times so I end up using my Fuji instead!

I have several SLR cameras as well...but gosh I haven't used them in so long! There's probably still film in them!

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