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Our daily thread for Tuesday, April 24th

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It is a beautiful and sunny morning here in Connecticut. I am not at work today which makes it even better - although I have a long day planned. I have been asked to appear on a television show called On the Record. It is on PAX TV in New London. I am very excited - Star and Milo are coming with me. We will talk about the sanctuary and who Helping Paws is, etc. Then I will go and pick up my Phoebe and bring her home! (See Phoebe thread). Next I will meet Donna at the Hartford dog pound and pick up some puppies and see what else they have that is due to die this week. Although this is always a sad task, it is certainly a happy one for the dog I choose to take into Helping Paws care. After that I get to come home, make dinner and go and teach Tango and Jitterbug to our local high school for their Junior prom. I do it every year as they have ballroom dancing themes for their prom. I used to be an Arthur Murray teacher and dancer in my "before Clint, Kids and cats life." So while I don't foresee having much relaxation until later tonight, it will be a full and happy day for the most part.
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that sounds like a wonderful day Rene! I would love to take ballroom dancing lessons. I think it would be awesome to know how to do the jitterbug & the tango.

i wish my day were going to be as fulfilling but it's not. work until 6, then head to baltimore to see lifehouse/everclear/matchbox twenty in concert. i have seen matchbox twice & I can't wait to see them again. they are so great in concert.

this morning after feeding the girls i was sitting on the bed watching the news & cracker came upstairs after eating & jumped on the bed & wanted me to love on her. barrel didn't come onto the bed but she sat on the floor next to the bed, watching us like she wishs she had the courage to join us. it totally makes my heart sing that they aren't hiding or cowering. every day more progress

have a great day everybody
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Right now I am cleaning up my e-mail and getting stuck(I love it) at the Cat Lounge catching up. I wish I could see the PaxTV show, will it air nationally,cause Ido get the PAX channel via my digital cable? Later I need to do some sewing (mending and shorten some jeans into shorts for my niece). I get to keep the cut off denim. I think I will use it to make some bibs for my new grandnephew or maybe quilt blocks for aprons I am working up for friends who are outdoor grill freaks. What is it with men and fire? A man who would never sit foot in a kitchen to cook a meal will use any excuse to flame any type of meat outdoors!!!!!!
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Sounds like everyone's having fun (AP - think about the fun you'll have at the concert and forget about the blah time until then!)

It's a very sad evening here (the time now is a bit after 8 PM). It's the eve of the national memorial day for the soldiers who were killed for this country. Tomorow is the day itself. Very sad and beautiful songs on the radio and everything on TV is about that as well. Israel is a small country (less then 6.5 millions), but during the past 53 years of independence more than 20,000 soldiers have been killed in wars. So stupid and sad!

The sirens went on about 20 minutes ago and there's another siren call tomorow morning. Always makes me cry...

Tomorow evening is the eve of our 53rd Independence day so the general mood will be much happier.
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Anne: I always feel such a bond with Israel because they became a nation the year I was born. Such a beautiful people such a sad history. I will stop today and say a prayer for all the young men and women who have bravely given their lives to keep the dream of Israel alive. I remember that one of the first novels I ever read that truly moved me to tears was Leon Uris's Exodus. I am so proud to know such a talented citizen of Israel. (even though we have never met I count you as a friend. God continue to bless you and your nation, Darlene
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Thank you for your kind words!
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