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Wish me luck or my son

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Ok I am off to the Parent Teacher conference. I am so nerves I will kill my son for a bad report. He is slacking off because he has other friends and a girl. He is 11 not 15 or 16. He said he is doing fine I pray he is or I will be sooooooooo mad.

I am on strict bedrest and he knows this better be good and I have a feeling it isnt due to the fact non of the other boys have given me a note from there teacher with a time to come in
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I am sure it will be a great report ....
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Wishing you lots of good luck!
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Thanks all I have to go to GNC might as well do it while I have to get out of house anyways right. ok Breath Jenny Breath ok.
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Best of luck, I hope he has a good report. If not, I'd tell him that he's not seeing his "girlfriend" and restricting how much he sees his friends until his grades come up. I remember being that age and being stressed that I was going to fail, but those are the years that were the easiest now that I look back.
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So what happened yesterday?
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I hope all is well and you get a good report
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I could not find this post LOL.

My son did ok I guess he got N in Math and Math Assignments so he is grounded the whole weekend plus yesturday and today and I made a deal with him that he is grounded everyday that I dont see him with HW if the teacher says there is some.

He also did not turn in some reading assignments so he has to go back and do all 7 of them because I SAID SO lol

He got Honors in Spelling and Science and History.

His GF moved last weeks so I hope that brings these grades up. I told him if he did not bring it up by June 1st last day of school he will get summer school.

OOO I forgot to add I signed him up for tutoring in the morning 45 min before school due to his lack of Math assignments. He is so mad at me today.

Think I did ok
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Way to be a good mom!
Make em mad, make em work

Glad it wasn't anything too serious.
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nope it was alot bettewr then I thought she also said he almost got in a fight with a kid who my son towered over and my son walked away but it pissed the kid off he wanted to fight so it was hard to discipline him and yet be so proud at the same time.
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I couldn't find it either. I searched for 10 minutes lol

Wow you are one tough mommy! I hope it works out. So does he have to wake up earlier now? Oh I bet he is mad.
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naw he doesnt have to wake up earlier just get his butt in gear earlier.
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I like what you did! He'll appreciate it in the long run!
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I hope so I only expect S or basically a c average from all my kids if they go over that KUDOS but I do not think I ask for alot. A D in Math to me is wrong when all he had to do was turn in the math homeowrk. My other 2 kids are great they are all honors and straight A so I do not push Austin because I dont want him thinking he has to do what they do. I just want satasfactory.
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I think so long as he's doing his best is what counts. He is kinda getting towards that age and all though too. Sometimes kids just need a little 'motivation.'
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That is so true that why I do not want to push him. But knoing the D was only cause he never turned in his work isnt good to me.
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