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How did you name your cat?

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How did you come about naming your cat? I had just gotten my cat and was trying to think of a name for him. I was watching a movie and the main character had the name Wesley. I thought that would be a cute name for a cat! So, that is how Wesley became my cats name! When people ask me what my cat's name is and I tell them, they find it very strange.
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Some came with names already, most I wait and let them tell me their names.
Most cats will tell you in time.
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Dion was named after a Rock and Roll singer from the 60's
Dion and the Belmonts. The singer Dion's last name is Dimucci and my Dion is Da-Mooch of all food!!!!!!.....

Frankie was named after Frankie Valli, another singer from the 60's.

Bast was named after the egyptian goddess.

Stanley and Ollie are brothers and they were named after Stan and Ollie the comedian actors.

George is just George no special meaning.
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Reilly was named by my husband before I met either of them and Sydney came to us with that name.
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Wow I have so many to talk about.

Benson-the street we found him on, but if you ask my hubby he is named after the butler.

Molly-My boss was being a jerk and pretending to read a lost kitty add. When we got to the vet and they asked for a name I couldn't think of anything else but what my boss did.

Spunky-In hopes he would perk up. He was a quiet little baby.

Lucky-He is lucky to have found us & vice versa.

Princess-well she is a real "princess" & we couldn't agree on an Irish name.

Connor-Born on St Patty's Day with Princess. I was obsessed with Highlander at the time.

Gus Gus-Mom remembered the mouse from Cinderella with the pot belly.

Mittens-Our first kitty and he was all black with white paws.
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Well my grandmother named Duke so I had no hand in it. I named Sibohan because her green eyes reminded me of ireland and Sibohan is an irish name.
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I named Reeses after her colors. They remind me of a Reeses Peanut Butter Cup Sandae.
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Chynna: She is white with green eyes and I didn't want a name like "snowball" or "snowey" or "whitey". Not that those aren't good names, but I like more "normal" names for my pets. Her fur is super silky fine and soft and feels like fine down and the first thing that came to my mind was that she reminded me of porceline china. So I decided on "China", but I didn't want to name her after a country, so I changed the spelling to "Chynna".

Abby: I didn't name her. She was 4 months old when I got her and the person I got her from had been calling her "Abby" because she's a "read head". I liked the name and she looked like an "Abby", so I left it at that.
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My daughter named our cat who was called kitty when she came to us.

Heidi was what my daughter decided was a good name as "she hides alot" her words not mine.

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Long before we got our pets, my boyfriend and I were driving around listening to a song that had "Moscow" in it. We somehow started talking about how that it would make a great mascluline dog name. Moscow! So we decided that when we get a dog, it would be called Moscow.

So with that in mind, as we were closing on our house, I told my boyfriend the first thing we were going to do after we moved our stuff in was get a kitten. So we went looking for kittens and found both Cairo and Paris. Paris was old enough to come home with us, but Cairo had to wait 1 more week. When I saw Cairo I said "We're naming her Cairo, cause she's orange like the pyramids." So then we had a theme, but Paris who was already ours, wasn't named yet. We wanted to name her Vienna, but we thought it would be confusing since we practically live in Vienna. We tossed back and forth between Paris and Vienna, Paris because it is a colorful city, and Vienna because it's so pretty. Paris won even though we wanted to make sure people didn't associate her with Paris Hilton.

Then when Moscow came we knew what his name was. The only thing was that Richard's grandfather wouldn't call him Moscow because the of the city and because he's a red dog. He thought we were becoming communist.
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Originally Posted by afraser1 View Post
Heidi was what my daughter decided was a good name as "she hides alot" her words not mine.
That is too cute! Send it to a magazine or something. I think a few of them have captions from kids.
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Persi is short for Persian and Alley came from the Alley and before that, Greycat was a grey cat. I'm not much on brilliant names but the cats do not seem to care.
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Hmm I have 2 cats:


I visited her a couple of times when she was a tiny little fluffy kitten... She was the runt of the litter & one of the shyest and most independent, too. She didn't warm up to other people too quickly, but once she did, she was a sweetheart. I thought awhile about names, like Becky,.. or Mittens - but none seemed to fit. She was sooo sweet, though, and I couldn't stop thinking about that. And every time I saw her, I said "Aww, what a sweety!" so much that I figured out that was the perfect name!


Precious is Sweetie's daughter. She was also the runt of the litter and was extremely shy and lazy, always napping. But when she was comfortable/got to know you, she was very playful and affectionate. I couldn't think of a very good name for her... So, I named her Precious, a weird name like her mother! Plus, anyway, she is very precious... She's my babyyy
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Trout got her name because I think Trout (the fish) are cute
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well lets see.....

Willie had already came with his name and at that time he was 3 years old and he was in the shelter for a long time and we just cant understand y he was soo friendly and still is to this day but we kept the name Willie for him i just changed the y to ie

Midnight was left at an apartment from someone my brother knows and they named him midnight and he was too "wild" for them so they gave him to my brother and he kept the name midnight

Bella...well she found me and i wanted to think long and hard on a name for her my mom had sugessted bella because its italian and means beautiful and at first i said no..but it grew on me and bellla

Stormie...well when we got her it was hard because she was a manx mix and such a cutie, and she was the biggest 10 week old kittne and I just couldnt believe it but she had the biggest paws ever and well her coloring was so different, she was grey and white and well it reminded me of a storm and well it was raining when we got her home like soon as we got her it started to rain and well it was so funny because the next day my mom comes in my room to chekc on things and well she said wat about storm I was like omg I was going to tell u the same thing but Stormie and we are spelling it with ie

Blue...my mom seen a grey kittie and fell in love well that one wasnt compatiable with all our other animals and everything and I seen an add in the paper for a private rescuer and so we went and looked and we were still deciding we had already decided on tessa but my mom wanted a grey kittie too well there were 2 males we seen and my mom was debating which one and wanted to name him Mr. Blue but when we went to pick up stormie the lady also had some ferals she took to get fixed (the males and had to pick them up to) and she brought a grey female and so I said ok we will take her and we just dropped the Mr.

Tessa...well we had a few days to choose her name but my mom wanted something different and "sophisicated" and she was going over names all day adn she said tessa and once again i was like nooo...next thing I know I am telling her go ahead that names grown on me
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Gunner came with his name. I adopted him from my uncle's girlfriend (now wife) and he was 4 or 5 already so I wasn't going to change his name.

I adopted Taylor as a kitten and the shelter told me he was a she. The name Taylor came to mind and then I found out that Taylor was not a she, but a he. Taylor is a unisex name so I just kept it that way.
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When I was talking about getting a cat my niece said "you can name him Chester".

I don't know what gave her that idea. But when I found Chester at the shelter he was a year and a half old male with a girl's name. His first people got him as a kitten, thought he was a girl and never bothered to change it when they found out he wasn't.

We changed his name before we got him in the carrier to go home.
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Jacob was namd by my daughter Erica! He is technically her cat, but as he has spent most of his life with us, I think she has a battle on her hands if she tries to take him back!

Löki is the Norse god of mischief, and as we are Swedish in ancestry, and as he is very mischevious, it's perfect for him!
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Scratch is named scratch because she loves scratching doorframes and carpets. My brother named Squee because 60% of the time she's awake, she's making little squee and chirping noises.
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MIkey got his name because he was kind of a Maniac when we first got him..so Mikey the Maniac sounded good. I got his middle Name Elton John Tiny Dancer cause I am a weirdo!

Stewie got his name from dan..he's the biggest Family Guy fan ever...he is un beatable in the trivia game. he just HAD to name him after a character. I would have named stewie like Peanut or Tiny but he is a complete evil monster who LOVES to attack and hurt me any chance he can get. so the name works just fine.
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Maia's name is Roman, its the goddess of spring, rebirth, life and the month of May was named after the goddess Maia which is when I found her precious little kitty soul!
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Lily's name was Felisity at the SPCA, which I didn't like. But, since she was two years old, I didn't want to change her name too much. It also kind of sounds like Kitty, in case they called her that. She took to the name right away!

Sparkle was named that because she brightened our world. We got her after the tragic death of our three pet chickens due to the negligence of a professional pet sitter. We should have named her Firecracker, I think.

Oberon, well, Husband named Oberon. I'm not sure why you name your cat after the King of the Fairies, but he IS very kingly.
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Evie told us her name when we were still debating over adopting her! I wanted to name her Jessie, but she had something else in mind. The pound was so crowded, they didn't name the pets, and she was just a nameless kitty until she told us what she wanted to be called.

P-Chan got her name because she's peaches and cream colored. When we adopted her, my blind grandmother asked what she looks like, and we answered "Peaches and Cream colored". The next question was "What will we name her?" And we decided to stick with the same answer! P-Chan is her nickname- P for Peaches, and Chan is a Japanese suffix used as a pet name, usually for young girls.

Sheba got her name because she thinks she's a queen...

Nigel came with his name when we rescued him.

Fed, well, hers is a strange story... Her mate was a brown velvet called "Brownie", and you know how UPS goes by brown, so what goes with UPS? FedEx... Hence "Fed".

Toku Ann is in parts- Toku is from my host mom's name "Tokuko", and Ann is both my mom and my boyfriend's grandma's middle names. So she's named after three different people!
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My sister named Kallie and my fiance named Murphy but I was promised I could name the next one.
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aww I like this

Dino is called Dino after the dinosaur in the Flinstones - aint he cute

Pepsi was a Pepsi when we recused her - I didnt like to change it, thought she might have an identity crisis

Miss Moofi - well she was a rescue, the people called her Matthew after a cat they had in the UK, they realised 'he' was a she and changed it to Mafu - which when we fostered her I hated, cos I thought it sounded like fly spray so that changed into Moofi

Teddy our newbie, my friend in the UK had a black cat called Teddy and he was a darling...........well DH still thinks hes 'not a Teddy' so maybe that´ll change
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We name our cat Houdini (over at the Bridge now) because when we found him, he was just a litty bitty kitty, and we put him in a box and he kept getting out. It didn't matter what we did, he just kept getting out. So my son said he was like a magician, so hence Houdini came up.
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We just asked him and he said "Meow" so that's his name.
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Cinnamon was a flame point Siamese so the name just fit perfectly

Karnu, a seal point Siamese, was sorta named after my first brand new car (Karnu = nukar = new car)

Cocoa was a chocolate point Siamese so, again, the name just fit perfectly

Sadie -- completely different story. She was originally named Seven (for being 7th in her litter), then briefly renamed Roxie (but DH didn't like that name). Not sure where Sadie came from, but it just stuck. Now, I couldn't imagine her name being anything other than Lotospots Sadie.
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Harley got his name because John had just gotten his first Harley Davidson - and he just 'looked' like a Harley, and he answered to it, so it suck.

Davidson, well- of course we had to go with the theme! He never answered to it tho, I always called him Angel & he always answered to that
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Kitty is called Kitty because he just turned up in the garden one summers day and never left!
By the time I realised he was here to stay he`d got used to being called that so it stuck.
I also call him Kitty Poo Poo, Kitmeister and little git!
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