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No kitty! No chew!

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I don't know what it is, but Reeses has been really into chewing cardboard and paper lately. We usually give her cardboard boxes to hide in, but she just chews them to pieces. She even has a SuperScratcher+ that she has chewed the ends of. Each day I have to vacuum little cardboard pieces up, and I still find them in every room of the house because she lays on the floor and they get stuck to her. Between those and the wood chips/shavings I've been tracking upstairs from doing some work in our workshop, she's a mess

But she also has been chewing on paper or anything else that has an edge she can grab on to. She doesn't eat it, she just spits it out with a "bleck! yuck!" look on her face, but yet she still does it

Is there any way to stop her from doing this? Because she's not eating it I'm not really concerned for her health, I just am sick of the mess!
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Benson has the same problem! I am afraid of what will happen when we have to move. He dives in every box. He usually starts tearing at the bottom first. The last time I took his box away he chewed the dining room chair. I learned my lesson but I really want him to stop chewing boxes. I hope someone has a solution for both of us.
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If you get an answer, let me know, please, because Ferris does the same thing, except he chews on the edges of the carpeted cat condo, so every single day I am picking up little bits of carpet yarn that are scattered all over the house. He has never actually eaten any of it, but LOVES to tear it off the condo!

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that he doesn't one day decide to start tearing up the carpets just for fun!
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She really gets into it too. She'll stand on whatever she's chewing on, put pressure on it and rip a huge chunk off. She's really on a mission to destroy it I just didn't know if there is a product that we can get that she CAN chew on that would stop her from destroying the paper/cardboard.
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