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Skittles Favorite Pass Time

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Ok this is what she does all day or at least 10 hr a day.

Look what I see

I wonder if I can get closer

Just a little closer

Will my paw reach it
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oops darn chair rocks I see the fish

This is what she sees and loves.
post #3 of 14 the fish have heart failure

Very cute pictures!
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So far after 2 years they haven't. I mean these things must know I wont let her in. It is like they taunt her LOL. they swim all over and put there butts in her face. The pic there was taken while she was staring down the fish. The fish win lol.
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hehe my patch is the same

excuess the dirty plate
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LOL Hi patch you and Skittles should get together and go on a fish hunt LOL.
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Awwww look at the way she's sitting in the 1st and 2nd pics
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Very cats would love that
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Everyone thinks we are nutz cause the fish and catz are together. There toys look over the fish or lay next to them but check this out it is entertainment for them and excersice LOL.
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Do your cats ever jump on top of the tank? And can it take it? We bought fish ages ago for "kitty TV." They only seemed to enjoy watching the fish swim around from on top of the aquarium, and we were so afraid it was going to break! When we moved into the house we ended up putting it up on a stand - and now they just ignore the fish.

But those pictures are toooo cute!

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Yep they sleep on top of it at times also, but it holds them It is really heavy and on a great base I think that is why.
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Harley LOVES watching our fishies! We have a little bench for him to sit on and he just stares at it forever on end most days We have 5 chiclids- they are his friends!
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I have one male Betta & Ophelia just loves him. She gently touches her paw to him & meows these pretty little meows. It's hilarious to see her do it...because normally she's a meanie!

I love Skittles with her leg stretched out...all comfy....
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This chick thinks she owns everything. She has that green chair you see there it is hers I bought it brand new off the Lay z boy auction for 30.00 because it is missing an arm. But she loves it and I dont sit on her to we work. LOL
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