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OMG Teddys not mine anymore YOU JUST GOTTA READ THIS !!

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I dont know where to start - its so incredible

I am so sad but so happy too

I called into the vets to get some prescription food for Teddy - so I´m talking with Maria our vet. This guy comes in and I can hear him talking to Kim the receptionist "can I leave this flyer - I´ve lost my cat, he´s a little black cat"

My ears pricked up, and so did Marias, we went to see him, "let me see the flyer" I said "I've found a black cat, but hes only a baby" and OMG it was him, I felt really strange, so see someone else with a photo of him! Obviously Maria and Kim recognised him too

I just burst out OMG I cant believe that you are here now and I am here now at the same time. This is so crazy.

He explained that he and his girfriend had found "Tom" and his sister dumped in a box in the rubbish bins They are only a young couple and new to cats so they thought he would come home when he went missing. But as he hadnt they decided they'd better do these flyers and ask at the vets. They live a fair way from me, in fact across a dry river bed, so the little mite had travelled a fair way The reason why my vet didnt know about Tom & his sister was because they were using the another vet that I hadnt been to as it is a lot further than the 2 local ones where we live.

Anyway he came and obviously took their cat - Tom - home

I am just all over the place with my feelings I am happy he is back with his owners but of course we had got used to the idea of a newbie, so it feel empty he was a little sweetie
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OMG, my heart is breaking for you!!!!!!!!!! He was such a cutie and such a love! I hope they're not going to let him out again - at least not for some time - not until he understands he's now home? I know there's not much you could do - especially as you were at the vets, &etc. Did they seem like they're going to be good parents? Actually - they must care, or they wouldn't have gone around posting flyers. And - I guess you have their number, so you can call to check up on him. Maybe you can even visit him in a few weeks - just to say "hi?" ?

Awwww..... what bittersweet news!


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Aww sweetie. I can only imagine what your feeling!!

Hang in there. And know Teddy was in good hands with you and know hes back with his original owners and maybe you can all arrange a visit or something?

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I am sorry to hear this, but what a great thing to find his original owners..I am sure they have been worried sick about him...I am going to miss "Teddy/Tom" also, you know I just loved seeing his pics....he is so beautiful...I know this must me very hard on you..Mega <<vibes>> coming your way..Will you get to visit him maybe?
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Oh my! How we will all miss that adorable cutie pie here!

But they sound like good parents if they were looking for him, right? I agree with Laurie, I hope they keep him inside until he gets his bearings. So he has a sister?? That's good that he'll have a buddy as I know he got used to your baby.

Hang in there. We'll all be missing him right with you!
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That is sad and happy. I'm sure his owners were very relieved to find him and also were very grateful you've taken such good care of him. Kind of seems like fate that you were both at the vet at the same time too. Its still hard to give up a kitty you've grown to love though. Give your other kitties lots of hugs. They'll help you get through it.
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Silly question, but did the original owner know that Teddy/Tom needed prescription food?

I'm glad they made an effort to look for their little one, so many people here would just replace a kitten or worse, dump it outside if town because it's no longer "cute".
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Oh Ann I'm so's so bittersweet isn't it There is a reason for everything, but you gave him a good life till he could find his real family...Bless you for that.
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Ann You did look after him when he was lost and helped him find his way back home. What a precious baby he is. I know you will miss him
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Oh Ann.... my heart is happy and sad at the same time. At least he found his original home, but he is missing out on a great life with you....
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Awww, you are going to miss the little tyke I'm glad he is with his rightful owners..although, I'm sure he would have been happier with you
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Originally Posted by neetanddave View Post
Oh Ann.... my heart is happy and sad at the same time. At least he found his original home, but he is missing out on a great life with you....

He's such a little sweetie pie, I'm going to miss seeing his pictures!

But I'm happy he's going home to his sister!

Thank you so much for all you did for that little sweetie! And how funny that you named him Teddy when his real name is Tom - both "T" names!

(And if he finds his way back to you, I'd keep him! )
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Awww I am sorry Teddy is gone. It's amazing his owner happen to be at the vet at the sametime. I am sure he was excited to see Tom again.
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Seeing as they are new to cats, did you mention TCS to them. Just an idea so we can still see pics of teddy/tom, nad maybe his sister too. I know what you are going through though, went through it at christmas with maggie. Broke my heart to give her up, but she had a good life starting here with me. You did what you had to do till he found his way home. Cheers
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Aw, that's very sad for you. But the original owners must be SO HAPPY to have him back, safe and sound!
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I am so sorry!!! It must be so hard! It is so easy to get attached to a kitty. No matter how long you have had them. Your sadness you are feeling, his owners must have felt when they didn't have him. I feel for you! Just know we are all here for you!
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Whenever I've found a lost kitty there's this brief window when I really hope someone will still step up to claim them, and then one day that just changes. It doesn't take them very long to become a part of the family, does it? I'm sorry you had to give up Teddy.

Judging by man's reaction when he thought he might have found his Tom, and then by when he came to pick him must have a pretty good idea of how much he cared for the cat. I hope that gave you a good feeling about Teddy's new home.

I bet ya there's another kitty out there with no home who is just waiting for you to find him.
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Thanks all for your words

The guy was so pleased to see his kitty, the way he picked him up, was just lovely. He said he sister was missing him like crazy, that also explains why he was so friendly with my kits, the little tinker was used to having kitty-buddies

We did explain all to him about his diet etc, I gave him his med.card, they offered to pay me, but I said it was a pleasure just to help the little guy I am sure he's gonna be just fine, happy and well looked after !

I still cant get over being in the vet the same time as he decided to come with the flyers
I was going to call tomorrow but we have a busy day, so I went today instead - how weird is that

I've explained to Miss Moofs that her new adventure buddy has had to go home to his own family and we were just 'loving' him cos he was lost. Pepsi was all very non-commital about him, so she's fine. Dino is just.......well Dino

Me & DH are sad but glad he's back at his own home and if he does come and visit.......well..........thats another story

umm what am I going to do about my signature now look at my Teddy
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Aw, Ann, I'm sorry that you won't be keeping little Teddy I could tell how much you loved him already at least he has a home that cares for him, and you never know when you might get another package dropped in your garden!
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I'm happy and sad too

My only concern is that they lost him once by letting him roam around. The second time they may not be so lucky. I hope they keep him and his sister as indoor kitties and don't let them roam around outside. :
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Pls see update in this thread

Teddy Update
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