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Weight Concern- Bobtail Female Calico

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I have a question about my 8 month old Female Bobtail Kitten. She seems very small for her age, based on her brother and sister from the same litter. I know that one litter can have many fathers.
She is about 3.5 lbs, small and slender. Her litter mates are now bulky and big. Litter mates are one M bobtail and one F with tail. Does this seem like the right weight for her to be at?
I am going to get her spayed soon but she has yet to go into heat like her sister did. I know you dont have to wait until they go into heat to get them spayed. The other F belongs to my sister and she went into heat early in the year. I am not waiting for her to go into heat I am wait for a Friday where I can be with her afterward all weekend.
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Your female does sound terribly small...can you check with her breeder as to why that is so? If your vet is okay with spaying her now and if she is healthy, then there's no reason to wait, just go ahead and make the spay appointment!
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I plan on making the appt for next friday. I did not get her from a breeder. There are a small set of apartments by our home and people move in and out and leave their animals behind. This litter was rescued by me after the mother abandoned them in our barn. I lucky had another set of kitten I had taken into my home and had a nursing mother cat that nursed all the kittens from both litters. So other than my concern for her weight and size she is a great kitten. Plays and eats well! Just didnt know if some breed of kittens were very small at this age but her being a bobtail I didnt expect her to be so small. I am almost sure the father is a very large bobtail that had been abandoned and the only adult male I had trapped so I supect he was the father of both litter but I know other male cats can travel great distances to breed.
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Well, if she's healthy, then she must have gotten the small gene from mommy!

Go ahead and spay her!!!

Bless you for picking them up and for getting them done!
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