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OMG. Cruelty Case.

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Of course this happens on the morning that I am running the rescue myself. (I'm still here too)

I was cleaning the office when I guy knocked on the window. I let him in and he told me that he went to visit a friend a couple of streets down, only to find in the next apartment a dog that was skin and bones, sitting in his own feces.

After talking to his friend, he found out that the guy went to jail a while ago.

I gave the guy a pamphlet and a card and my home number and told him to report it to the police station first, then to come back to us, or have the police call me and I'll go pick the poor thing up and take him to the vet.
The police may end up contacting the HS though, which is fine as long as they don't euthanize him, like they probably will.

We can't just go take the dog, because it is still theft, so we needed to contact the police first.

Lets hope the little guy will be alright.
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I'll move this to SOS
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Oh that poor poor dog. I hope you are able to go get him and get him the help that he needs.

I'll be praying for him.
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The police just called, they said they are going to go tke care of it right away. They also contacted the Humane Society, but said that they were bringing the dog here.
So I'll stick around for a few extra hours to see if they do end up bringing the dog here, or if the Humane Society ends up taking it.
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Oh that poor dog.. I hope he will be ok..
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Aww! Bless his widdle heart. I hope hes ok...... Please let us know when you know something.
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Well, I locked the doors and went down to the police station. (a whole 1 minute walk, thank god for central location)

I asked what was going on, were the police bringing the dog or what.. and they told me that the OSPCA was dealing with it. They gave me the number and wished the dog luck.

I called the rescue owner at work and gave her the number to the OSPCA, so she can figure out whats going on, and let me know.

I'll let you guys know ASAP what they are doing with the dog, whether they are bringing it to us, or taking it to their shelter.
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Sending hugs and prayers to the dog, please keep us posted on it.

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That poor dog. I hope it turns out well for the poor thing!
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how awful!! hope he's able to be saved
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Lots of vibes and prayers for that poor dog to be nursed backed to health and to be adopted by a wonderful, loving family!
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The OPSCA still hasn't called us back.. so I don't know whats going on.
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