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Two days off!!!

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I took today and tomorrow off from work.

Mainly I'm beginning to get behind in school (I have 2 papers due a week from Saturday) so I decided I needed a little break from the chaos at work. All the papers I haven't even started on.

Anyhoo, so my first day off began with B asking if I can go to the dry cleaners for him, pick up soda for him, take back the 9 bags of empty bottles, pick up food (cause we're out) etc...

I finally told him no, my day is beginning to fill up. So he left in a huff. Sometimes this man forgets that I am not wonder woman.

Cause today I plan on:

Working out (I'm getting flabby)
Pick up some food.
Writing my 2 papers for my Saturday class (one is only 2-3 pages so that'll take an hour or two)
Researching for my other 2 Final papers that are due in 6 weeks
Begin writing for some of these papers
Meet up with my sister in regards to my brothers' surprise party this weekend.

And at some point today or tomorrow I want to see a movie...in the theater. I don't get to see them anymore.

Oh yea and since I left chaos in mid air, I'm still checking in with work for anything that I need to address right away.
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sounds like a busy day! lol. when i have days off i always have a million and one things to do myself. but have a good two days off
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Make sure that you do take out some time to do something for yourself, you deserve it!
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Hmmm...doesn't look like I'll be doing anything me today.

I can't connect my computers to the internet, just b's is connected.

Luna likes it though, she's laying on my lap.
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