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My DH is great

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So I have been sad for the last few days. HE asked if he could get me anything and I said I would love some cookies, cereal and chocolate. He ran to the store and not only came back with all three but all three in one! He got me Cookie Crisp cereal. He also got chocalate soy milk, since I don't drink milk. He thought the chocolate would go better with the cereal.

God I love that guy. Sorry I just had to share. Most men would have just bought the three items and called it a day, he actually went the extra mile oto make it special.
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What a sweet, sweet man! I hope you cherish him for a long, long time!

Lucky lady!
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awww how thoughtfull!
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I think the chocolate milk was a brilliant extra touch! What a sweetheart!
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That is very thoughtful.
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awe that was soo nice and thoughtful of him and soo sweet
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What a guy! Such a sweet thing to do
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What a sweet, thoughtful hubby!!
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that is really great! like I always say, it really is the little things
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How cute! Sounds like something my husband would do! Some times I might mention something I am craving and he will say well lets get it and we will go to the store and get it. Or I will simply say my mouth is dry (while we were in bed) and he will say "what do you want to drink?" I won't even be looking for him to get me something. I will just simply say something just to say it and he surprises me every time!
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Your hubby sounds like a great man.
Mine's a close second to that. He'd do something that sweet for me if I asked him to. Shoot he's helped me through more sicknesses then I can remember, took me out to IA city over and over for my Epilsey, sat in the waiting room when I had all of my different tests or procedures (if they wouldn't let him into the room) rebuilt my computer when I needed one just recently. Shoot, I think we should all give our good men really big hugs and tell them how much we love them for being such great guys!
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