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sucking kitten

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We just got our new Ragdoll two weeks ago.
A real sweety and we named him Neko.
He wants to suckle all over us when he is happy.
I have been just putting him down when he does this is this ok to do or should I let him.

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Jena, Neko is telling you that he considers you his mommy now, and he gets comfort from suckling. How old is he? Sometimes kitties taken away from mother cat too soon (12 weeks ideally, although that's obviously not the norm) will have suckling issues. He may outgrow it. If it bothers you, try offering him a stuffed toy to suckle while you are petting him.
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He is thirteen weeks old now.
But was twelve when we got him.
He seems to like me the best but does do this also to my son and husband.
Is it wrong to not allow them to do this? Or should I let him on a stuffed toy?
Thank you for the information.

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Well, I guess it comes down to personal preference. He's showing you how content he is with his new family, which is kind of sweet, but kitty slobber isn't the most pleasant thing, either. At least you know it isn't because he was weaned too soon, that's what is normally the case especially with kittens around 6-8 weeks old. He must have had a very good mommy cat.

I would try the stuffie and see if he grows out of it. He's only been away from his kitty family for a week, and he may still be missing them. The other thing with the stuffie, if he doesn't grow out of it and you want to stop the behaviour, you can put bitter apple on the stuffie and he won't want to suckle it anymore (but that's a ways down the road ).
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At what age would you start to stop this behavior?
I want to use him for Delta Society and I do not think they would enjoy a cat sucking on them to much?
I am a new cat owner and have always had dogs so this is all new to me.
I am clicker training him and so far he is doing great.
He has been just great with our three dogs they play all the time. Of course he was raised with two Collie's.
Thank you for all you help:tounge2:

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That I'm not sure of. I would think that if you gave him "his" stuffie, and only let him suckle on that then after a bit he would know that he can't do it to anyone else. Then you wouldn't have a problem with other people. If he has a certain part of people that he likes to suck on (like ears, neck), you can put bitter apple on that part of you when you are home with him. If he tastes that icky stuff on everyone, he probably won't want to do it anymore.

Perhaps some of the others with more kitten, especially show kitten, experience can give better answers than I. Sandie? Hissy?
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that's too cute.

our little one sometimes would make sucking sounds/motions in her sleep. She grew out of it.
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I am hopeing he will grow out of it
He is just too cute and we love him already so much, he is not like any cat I have ever seen before more on the dog side.
Thank you for the help I will try to give him a stuff toy.

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