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O man was havin a moment and I was flipping out, i was sitting her uploading some photos of willie for here since I took new ones next thing I know there is no power, and then my brother comes upstairs and says to me, my mom, and dad arent u guys going to fix it we were like uhh how would u like us to do that now he was mad because he was watching the sopranos when it went out, and well medium was new and I didnt even get to start it so I was a lil mad, and well I dont like going to sleep with no power on, I am a worry freak and then trying to get all the kitties were they need to be well that was fun with a flashlight, I had to lock bella up tho because she tried to sniff the lite candles thankflly I was there to stop her and i put her up in my room, so then I finally get situated and well I start to read by candle light and well thankfully the power came back on what a rush that was im sitting here like o man wat am i going to do so I open photoshop and well it didnt get very far because stormie wanted to sit on the computer o and we called my brother because we all have scanners but we have an older one so it went out when the power did so we called him now he didnt pick up a few times then he did we asked u know can u turn on ur scanner and he said in a few minutes then called a half hour later but mind u he called and woke me and my mom both up at 7:45 am because he was stuck in traffic, we were thinking why does he call us and not his wife