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Puppy dew-claws

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Anyone know if these need to be taken off? I read something about taking them off while they are still little. Only Free Willy has them on his back feet. His siblings don't have them at all. If I leave them alone, will they cause problems later in life? My vet is out until Friday so I can't ask him.

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A lot of dogs that retain their dew claws do end up tearing them off in accidents, rough play, etc.
I would go with your vet's opinion on this, though you still have some time to decide.

Still I'm of mixed feelings on it.
I really wish Bear had had his removed, but there is no way I'd do that to a grown dog.

He has injured them a few times, though nothing serious (thank goodness!).
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My girl only has dews on the front, I never had them removed. My question would be what breed and what is the intended activity level of the dog. If the dog will be doing lots of field work/hunting or hiking, then removing the dews might not be a bad idea. But for a normal companion dog they probably won't cause a problem. I'm no expert, but I know lots of dogs that do fine with their dew claws intact.
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Apollo had his when we got him.
Now he only has 3.

The one on his rear left leg was chewed off. We didn't even notice because he is so longhaired.

I prefer to not mutilate an animal in anyway.. but sometimes the rear dew-claws are noting but trouble. the front ones aren't an issue, and often the dogs use these to help hold, say, a Kong while he's eating the yummy desserts.

The rescues vet took off the dewclaws of a 5 months old puppy. He was 10 weeks when he was brought in, and has sarcoptic mange very bad.. we had him in quarentine from the time he was 10 weeks, to 5 months. He was then neutered and they took of the back dewclaws at the same time.

It's truly a personal choice really.
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My Coco doesn't have hers & I'm oh so glad. My Macey has hers. They never grow any. She has damaged them so bad that they don't grow, they're crooked. If she's ever put under for a surgery, the vet will remove them as they stick out funny.

They were messed up from her catching them when I adopted her are 1 year. She's now 3 & catches them on the couch, in her crate, etc. I do agree that this is a personal decision.

Consider....are the dewclaws going to be in the way later in life?
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I really don't know if they'll be in the way or not. I guess it would depend on who adopts them and for what reason? All of my dogs have them except Shorty. She has just one on her back leg. I don't know what happend to, at least, the other back one, though. I would just leave them alone unless they got injured and had to come off if they stay with me.

I'll ask the vet and see what he says. What kind of trouble they can cause in later years versus taking them off now while they are still tiny. I just wonder, would it tramatize them as puppies to take them off? I don't want them hurt in anyway, but I think it may hurt worse when they are grown? Ugh! All the things to figure out!
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the back ones should come off. They are loose and hang and are easily torn off. The front ones can stay and some dogs even use them to grip things. Of course it is you and your vets decision. Just IMO.
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I believe it's the front ones that come off, I would have them removed when they are fixed. that way, they don't get caught on stuff when they are running.
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Originally Posted by Miagi's_Mommy View Post
I believe it's the front ones that come off, I would have them removed when they are fixed. that way, they don't get caught on stuff when they are running.

Yeah that.
I believe, with some exceptions, dogs are normally born with only 4 back toes to each foot, just like cats.
I have seen plenty of both dogs and cats though with 20 toes.
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I have german shepherds, and a few of them had rear dew claws as puppies. My vet reccommended having them removed, so did the breeder I bought my dog from. The rear ones are especially bad because they are so easy to get caught on things. From what I hear tearing one off can be quite painfull. It's best to have them removed at a young age.
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Dew Claws are usually removed by the breeders at a few days of age. But because youre not a breeder, you can have the vet remove them, but they should be removed VERY young, when they are fairly loose and its relatively painless.

Rear dew claws are almost always removed, because they will only cause trouble by getting caught on things/being ripped off. As for front dew claws some breeds it is in the standard that they remain intact, some call for a dog without dew claws. Both of my dogs have front dew claws and they are very well attached and have never had an incident.

Huskies or Husky/mix are usually high energy playful dogs, so I would highly recommend having the rear dew claws removed.
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I talked it over with the vet, and yes, the rear dews should come off. He said if/when I adopt him out to find out what the person wants Willy for. Work or pet and, if need be, he'll take the dews off for free.

As a side note, I finally pinned my Uncle down about Shorty breed. Her dad is plain alaskan husky and her mom is pure siberian. Shorty looks just like her dad but her brothers look more like Mom. I'm pretty sure Porkchop is going to look more like a Siberian then any of the pups.
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Ahh, a mix of the huskies.

Alaskan makes more sense than the Siberian for sure.

I'd advertise them as husky mix, as both shorty's parents are different breeds.
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