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A non-purring kitty

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Hello again.
I have four new baby kitties, all litter mates and each about 6 or 7 weeks old now. They all think I'm their mother and hop in my lap and purr a lot- all except for one, my runt Duke. He doesn't like to be "petted" but plays a lot. Is this just a personality thing or does he hate me? He's my favorite and I'm defintely going to keep him, but I would like to think that he loves me back.

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One of my kittens (the one on the right in my sig pic) doesn't really like to be petted or held either. Loves to play though. I'm trying to trick her into liking it more by giving her a pinch of chicken every once in a while when I pick her up. I think it's partially due to the fact that I have had to give her medicine since I got her and she associated me with that. She's coming around though. It's just their personality.
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Some cats purr so softly the only way you can tell is to put your ear against their chest. But...it doesn't sound like this kitten would want you to do that! Anyway...I'll bet he is purring but that you just can't hear it.
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Good points. I have put Dukie up to my ear and listened, but he could be stopping when he gets there! And my four kittens all had distemper when I got them, so I gave them medicine three times a day then. Duke had the worst personality to begin with, but he is so much more docile now.
Anything else?

Oh yeah, Duke's picture is posted in New Kitties on the Block or something, I think. They are all so funny.
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My cat, Snowball, has a very soft purr too. If we feel vibration when we place our fingers gently against his throat we know he's purring.
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Duke has definitely not been purring. I always felt his neck, head, etc. to see if he was, and listened to him, put my ear to him, petted him as I held him up to my ear. His ears went back. He did not like his Mama bugging him.

Appearantly he heard about me posting about him, and decided to straighten up his act: this morning, as I went to feed him, he was purring! I didn't believe it was him at first, and thought it was his brothers. I put my ear to him and it sounded as though it was him. I picked him up and pet him and it definitely was! Yeah!

He purred a few more times this evening, each when I came to feed/play with him after I had been absent for the day. He sure is a sweetie.

Now if I could only get my other kitties to stop crawling all over me...they think I'm a jungle gym, and my scratches make me look like I own 100 cats!

Anyway, Thanks for all of your help!
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