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Altogether now...

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Five kitties in the RV. I didn't post the threads in order. They came home this way:

Lazlo, Shelly, Spooky, Munchkin fostered and adopted, Tuxedo, MaeMae fostered and adopted, Flowerbelle.

And here's the gang of five before we moved out of the RV:

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That gets a big awwwwwwwww!! I love when they all line up like that!!

Too cute!
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OMG that is so precious, look at all of them
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They all look so comfy and cosy.
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awe what cuties, u are making me jelous i wish our kitties did that, and man would that be the day but those pics are so cute and great, and they look so comfy and cozy too
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I didn't realize all the cats in a house could get along(or see each other)! I'm jealous of your kitties doing that!

Flowerbelle is so cute, though. She's my favorite.
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Oh would you look at those little muffins!!
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AWW!! What preciousness!!

Just what were they looking at?!?!
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Five in an RV, hmmm? How many do you think can live comfortably with 2 humans in a 5-room apartment?
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Originally Posted by catloverin_ks View Post
AWW!! What preciousness!!

Just what were they looking at?!?!
We put out bird feeders as "cat TV." When there's lots of activity - they would all crowd on the back of the couch to see out the window.

...and you know, the funny thing is, for every pic in the RV, there are SO many of them cuddling. Lazlo, Shelly and Flowerbelle. Flowerbelle and Tuxedo. Spooky and Shelly - someone is always cuddling with someone. Since we moved into the home and they could all spread out - no more cuddling. When Ming Loy first came home (she moved straight into the house), Lazlo would cuddle with her. But I guess she "grew up" and became all independent. Now they'll all share the bed - but not in a snuggly way.

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Those are soooo sweet! And the use of the birdfeeders to get their attention like that...Brilliant!

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omg what a cute pic!
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