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The Wacky Wednesday DT

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Well I am in an odd mood today. It may because I am surviving on very little sleep and an upset stomach (from yesterday not to fresh, fresh salad fiasco). It may because I have now been junk food free since Friday and I am going into withdrawals! It may be because I am craving Extra Hot, Hot BBQ chips. Oh well, you'll just have to put up with me or put me out of my misery (putting me out of my misery involves letting me go home from work, eating junk food and having a nap).

I am having a massage today during my lunch. Work has arranged it as a fund raiser for the United Way. This year our workplace is really pulling together and raising alot of money, unfortunately, I will no longer buy the chocolate, chips and other treats. The massage people will be back on Friday and I have booked another session. The massage therapists have donated their time and for $5 for a 20 minute massage you can't go wrong.

Well - I am out of water, so I will finish this post and go get some more. Hope everyone has a good day!
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Wow, I wish my work would arrange for massages! The best we get is a flu shot. Money going to a good cause is even better.

Not a whole lot going on at work this week. Last week I could barely finish everything on time, and this week I have next to nothing. Today is payday, which is nice, except that it is already all spent paying bills. Of course, all my money goes to bills, but hubby has to be able to go spending on the bits of money he gets. Quite annoying, but I can't change him and he's always been like that. Granted, his idea of spending has radically changed since we met. Before it was a few hundred dollars, now just getting something for $10-20 will do. So I guess I have changed him a little.

Hope everyone has a great day!
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Woooo Hoooo!!!

Got my first appointment to see a potential client today. That means there's a chance of earning some money - ace!

Now - a shameless plug for my new venture. Do any UK or mainland Europe bods know of, or work for large companies that use translation, copywriting or graphic design services. I know, I know, begging is embarassing, but it's better that poor kitties having to go out and pound the streets to earn their keep
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Yola - if I could help you I would, but no ties to the UK or Europe here other then everyone on the site and some distant relatives.

Well, I got back from my massage and he was a little rough - now my back is sore! I'll try the other guy on Friday. Within minutes of being back at my desk we had a fire alarm go off and we had to evacute the building for a bomb threat. 45 minutes of standing outside in the rain and the building was given the all clear, so now I am damp and sore. Oh well, 2 more hours and it is home time!
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A bomb threat? It's not you, Adrienne. It IS a weird day! Well, I guess we can count our blessings. We're not living near Washington, D.C. It sounds as if the police have some pretty good leads on that terrorist, thank goodness!

It rained all night, and I woke up in the middle of the night to "drip, drip, drip." There's a leak, so I put something under it. I've been telling my husband about this problem for close to a year, but he just sent a carpenter about 10 days ago. Well, I thought the roof would be repaired any day now. Dreamer.....My husband means well, but he lets things go until the problem becomes a huge one. The roof is only 16 years old, and the carpenter says it's shot.
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Yup-when you work for the government, bomb threats happen every couple of months - I just wish they did on a warm day!
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Goodness, makes me thankful for my dull little life. What's funny is that we Americans, thanks to our oh-so-worldly news coverage, generally see Canada as a peaceful place where nothing really eventful happens. LOL I guess even we've been brainwashed that we are the only society with social violence (not counting the Middle East, obviously).

Jeanie, that's horrible about your roof. I hope you will be able to get it fixed very soon. That cold weather is just around the corner! BRRR!
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