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Phoebe Update

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Hi everyone!
I wanted to tell all of you that my Phoebe is coming home today! She has maintained her weight and is bright and alert. We are going to keep her with us as long as we can and continue to pray for a miracle. Phoebe is eating well and is on nutrical, vitamins and two steriods - one to build up her appetite. The vet is now fairly confident that this is a genetic disease and she is trying to combat it. At least I know I have bought myself more time with my Phoebe and we are going to bring her in every Monday for a weight check and an immuno globin injection to build up her immune system. It has been very lonely in my home without a Sphynx. They are a special kind of cat and Phoebe is even more special because, well because, she's mine!
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that is the best news i have heard in a long, long time!
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Rene; My prayers are with you and Phoebe. So glad she is coming home and getting stronger. Is this genetic disorder something that all sphinx are prone to? I ask because a friend of mine has a kitten on order from a cattery in MD. and it was very expensive. How old is Phoebe? Is this something she will recover from or control and live with? Again, I wish you both the best.
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That is great news! I am so glad you have her with you. I hope and pray that she will get stronger and manage to fight this disease!

Give her a hug for me!
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Sphynx are prone to kidney, heart and liver diseases - this disease that Phoebe has is genetic, her sister died a few months ago. Phoebe is ten months old and she will not recover. As much as I would like to fool myself, Phoebe is terminal - but I have brought her home right now as she is stable and I am going to enjoy her for every day that God gives me with her. Sphynx are prone to disease, they are expensive and they are hard to maintain - but they are wonderful, lively, special cats (as Donna will also attest too and everyone of my volunteers who knows and loves Phoebe). I will always be happy that Phoebe and Chloe were mine. And I will appreciate any time I have left with my Phebes.
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Congratulations Rene' and Phoebe. I'm glad to hear that she is doing better!
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