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Goat Milk Yogurt?

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Tonight I stopped by a Whole Foods sort of store and bought goat milk yogurt for Tyler. What do you think of the ingredients?

Pasteurized whole goat milk
live active cultures: s. thermophilus; l. bulgaricus; l. acidophilus; & bifidus

I know the acidophilus is a good one and that goat milk is good for cats so I think this looks like a winner for my kitty's sensitive tummy.

How much should I give him and how often? I just want his tummy to be okay. We switched back to his old food so his poop is solid again (but back to being really, really smelly) but I want all the good bacteria to be there.
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Please talk to your vet ... goat milk is great for sensitive humans but it is very rich and I would ask before giving it to a cat ... and if okayed only as a small treat once in a while.... Mine get dried goat milk it is like 1/8 teaspoon with some water or broth
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You should give it slooowly, but it is a yummy treat for them. I give 1/8-1/4 tsp mixed in with wet food so that they get the good bac. Not an everyday thing, but more regularly when someone is on antibiotics. Sometimes there is the extra treat of licking the spoon.
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