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Adult cat on two counts!!!

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I finally made it to an Adult cat. I don't have a nifty avatar to mark the occasion, but maybe I can talk my good friend Jenn into making me one?? *grin*

But on the same happy note, today is my little girls B-day. They turned one, so we are celebrating being adult cats together!! Yay!!

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Woohoo!!! Finally!

And Happy Birthday girls! I have presents for you!!

As for your avatar, point me at some pictures... I'm working on something over here. :tounge2:
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Party Time! Woooohooooooo! Congrats on both special occasions.
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Congrats on making Adult Cat!

Happy Birthday to Marbles and Trouble!

Double party!!!
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Well, you wanted an avatar... hope you like it. If not, too bad, hehe.
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Congratulations on becoming an adult cat and I love the new avatar

And to your girls!
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Hermph... someone isn't at work today so she won't get to see her avatar until tomorrow.
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Well WE like her new avatar! Marbles and Trouble are so cute!
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Yay!! She likes it.
You're welcome.
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Congratulations to all of you!

p.s. I love the avatar!
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