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Freebird it is not about offending anyone, it is about giving advice to the OP that has some solid basis in dog training. There is no legitimate reason for "time outs" for dogs because canines do not reflect on their actions the way that humans do.
Ditto that crates are supposed to be a "safe place" and not a place for "punishment". It may be that you have been lucky in that you have had dogs that do well despite these "training methods" but it is only fair to the OP to point out that most people who have any experience with dogs woudl strongly advise against it.

Crate for punishment? Never, ever, ever.

I think what you're saying, freebird, is that you had a separate crate for this? I'm sure that's why your dogs could make a distinction, but it's still a stretch. Crates are safe havens, a place to feel secure, never a tool used for discipline.

Sadly, many people do view them this way, and don't realise the damage they are doing. You are fortunate that your dogs were obviously well cared for enough that it didn't damage their behaviour further. And also fortunate that you at least had the foresight to use a separate crate for punishment, which allowed them to make some kind of distinction, even if this isn't a good method.