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Maverick the wine drinker

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So like mother like kitty? Maverick appears to enjoy wine too!!

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Lol! My first cat Tinsel used to love wine. If my mother left the room, she'd find Tinsel dipping her paw in her wine and enjoying herself!
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WHAT a cute picture! (Although he looks a little bit more like he's about to hop up there and knock it over! )

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There were some wines that my Trent was quite interested in, though he was more interested in smelling them on my lips than in the glass.

What a precious picture of a gorgeous kitty!
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Awwww he likes the Vino
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It's a good job my two aren't like that, they'd be smashed!!
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What a silly Maverick!!
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cute pic Prince likes beer, lol
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Awww what a gorgeous kitty - beautiful, sleek coat!
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He's a little bigger now then in that pic (taken when he was 7 months I think), but he also enjoys a beer or gatorade from time to time LOL
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I know I already saw the pic and commented before... but I was checking in, and just had to say - he is just gorgeous, and really has a BEAUTIFUL coat! He looks sooooo soft and silky!

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