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Allll the boys.. wait....

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...minus Gordito!

Gordy boy musta been sleeping somewhere.

I love my boys!

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Awww! What did they see out there that caught (almost) all of their attention??
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We have a bird feeder right beside the porch for the kitties veiwing pleasure.
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Awwww, that's a great picture.

I wish I could get Shadow and Everest to sit like that.
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OMG that pic is precious
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Such pretty kitties!!!
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Awww! Musta been come cute chicks at that feeder!
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Awwww....that is so sweet! Sounds like a group of boys...always in trouble!
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Awww, look at them all lined up looking..
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Thank you.

I'm lucky to have boys that all love each other.
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Awww they are so cute. It looks like my house with four little furry family.
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They are so cute (almost) all together!
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awe look at all those cuties just sitting there watching all the birds that is just too cute it makes me wonder when spring actually comes if imma see mine any more I know Bella every morning would wake up when she heard those birds and would just stay in my window all morning, and well stormie did it even tho it was fall there were still some birds here and she started to do it to but not much because it was october, but o man wonder how many kitties will be in my windows, ecs since 3 sleep with me because they cause to much trouble with my dad in the morning

but o my u have such cutes
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I'd just wanna lie there right amongst them
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