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Storm Cloud Update

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for all who follow my Carradoc feral adventures - I caught Storm Cloud (after losing down my sewers!) and got her / him into my house.

He/she (I can't tell if its he or she, but am thinking a he for now)....
is doing fabulously. I now believe this kitty had some contact with humans - perhaps living in someone's shed or garage? Or at the garden shoppe up the road from Carradoc.

Anyway, this little guy has blossomed nicely! He uses the box, plays, comes out when I go down stairs (no more hiding, LOL) and has ventured up the stairs to the "big" house from his area in the basement.

He goes for a spay neuter jobbie on March 12th. I am still looking for a home, so any good vibes sent my way, or prayers for that would be MUCH appreciated...

He is a beautiful maine coon mix... with lovely grey ruff that resembles a lion's mane, green eyes and a stormy grey black/blue color shading to silver on the feet...He purrs like crazy too!! And lets me hold him now...

He plays fantastically, and has met (no hisses!) my 2 females - no food to food contact etc. I know better! Just visual looking... sniffing where he was/ they were. Exchanging scents...

He's getting used to my SO Mike, who is very taken by him even tho Mike's a dog guy, LOL. (Mike also loves my little Siamese/Oriental mix Miew, who fetches and is very busy with her paws, and reminds him "of a boxer in minature..are you sure she's a cat?"

Anyway, still working on the other 3 kitties - hope to trap soon - have to untangle my messed up trap (racoon got trapped and trashed trap...)

I leave a radio on for him during the day when I'm not down there.
He is definitely a tame cat or as good as tame gets...

Wishes we find him a good home please?? Thanks all!
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Good luck trapping the other kitties, glad to hear the wonderful update on Storm Cloud!

Sending "find a wonderful home for Stormy" vibes! ...and of course, vibes that all will go well with the sterilization.

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Aww I'm so glad you caught the grey ' kitty in the drain'

Sorry but I think I might have missed your update

I'm sending lots of good home forever vibes for the little guy

Are you sure your SO doesn't want to keep him
Y'know men are fickle things He might get upset if he has to part with his new friend
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