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HA! Caught in the act!

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Lately, I would come home from work and find water on the floor near the cats food bowl. I work nights so sometimes I have to feed them in the morning when I get home and when I get up from sleeping I find water on the floor again. I always thought that it was from the kittens running into their food dishes when they were romping around but I saw for my own eyes who the culprit is!

I caught sweet little Charlotte splashing the water out of a bowl with her paw. I guess you could say I caught her "wet-pawed" instead of "red-pawed". Okay, so that's a bad pun. Neither little Char-Char or Everest are afraid of water. I should have known because when I'm doing water changes on the fish tanks she'll try to stick one of her front legs in the bucket to "play" with the water.

Silly girl.
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Oh Charlotte, you silly silly girl.
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What a silly girl she is!!
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She just wants something to play with

Silly baby girl!
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what a kittie, its ok I woke up the one morning to find water on the floor and no water in their bowl, and well seeing how stormie and blue are both kittens i thought they were playing and knocked it over well nope...i caught blue tipping over the water with her mouth she was picking the bowl up and tipping it all out, and then she would stick her paws in it, and i stayed blue stop it and I was right next to her and she kept doing it and its only the water bowl in my room so well my carpets not going to be much anymore except soaking wet and i give them fresh water daily well in the morning and night and well I am constantly filling up that water bowl now
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Awwww, I can't help but think thats so cute
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Aww that's too funny.
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My Mandarin dips his paw in my coffee in the morning on Sat. He likes to test it. I recently bought the auto waterer....Beard pulls it across the floor til it spills then he paws the water out of the dish to drink it...then he shimmies around to the side of the dish...too funny...reminds me of the way dogs go round in circles a few times before lying down, except this is before he drinks...heehee
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naughty naughty That's just too funny!
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Chynna does this also. She will splash the water with her paw then lick the water off. While doing this she makes the biggest mess she can make. She has earned the nickname racoon. She is so funny to watch.
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heyu will often go sit in the shower right after i get done.
a wet butt kitty
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