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Nik's favorite toy is the lid from coke bottle. He'll pick it up by the rim in his mouth and carry around with him everywhere.

Today, playing with him, I was throwing the lid for him to chase, and then he started bringing it back to me, patting my hand with his paw and dropping the lid on the floor by my hand, so I'd throw it again.

I think he just taught me to play fetch!

We had a few friends over this eveving, and I was a bit concerned because I've read that russian blues can be a bit shy around strangers -but no, he had a grand time strutting around and being generally adorable.

You guys already know this, I'm sure, but I can't get over how much fun I'm having with this little guy!!

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I've been trying that with my new kitten, but she won't bring back the object to me.

What she does do, that I think is hilarious, is get really involved "killing" the immortal black shoelace. Then, she gets this wild kitty look on her face, grabs the shoelace in her mouth, and tears off at high speeds in an opposite direction. Of course, the shoelace is dragging behind her, but she thinks the shoelace is chasing her and will not die!

Ultimate goof!

Russian Blues are *suppose* to be shy, but I'm finding that my kitten wants to know everyone and figure out what they are doing in *her* home. She does get a little scared of unusual noises though.

I still think each kitten will be different on account of the individual personalities. When we picked up our kitten, she was with her brother. Her brother was trying to hide *under* the litter box. Meanwhile she was trying to sleep, not scared at all. You would figure that the female would be scared, but not in this case.
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LOL...Orion loves playing with caps and things too but I haven't managed to get him to fetch yet.
Yeah I read that they are supposed to be shy too. Orion loves seeking attention from everyone who visits though. We also take him for drives to visit my father who's in a nursing home. He just laps up all the attention from everyone there and makes himself right at home and is totally spoiled. So he's most definitely not shy.
I guess it might be a common trait that they've noticed, but like us, not all cats have the same personality.
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My cat Auxana fetches! I buy her those fur covered mice. I don't know how she learned to do it. It was just one of those things that just happen. She really likes the ones that make noise when you shake them. It's soooooo cute when she carries it around. She even puts them in her food bowl. I guess she's trying to feed them!:laughing:
I would try fur mice and see if that engages your kitty to fetch!

Proud parent of SarahandJoJo
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He has the mice and loves to play with them, but plays on his own, batting and chasing them.

And he does the food bowl thing as well, but I think his motivation is "if I put them with my food, maybe I could eat them, too" (and the water bowl - last night I woke up with a small soggy grey mouse on my face - very effective).

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My Trent keeps his toys in his food bowl, too. He isn't too into the mice, though. His favorite are the sparkle balls (pom poms). He and Ophelia tried keeping them in their water bowl, but found out that after a while they sink and they can't get them out again.
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